Monday, October 11, 2010

Welcome to the blog of the Mister and Lady. Many of you know us, but some of you may only ever know us through this little slice of the internet. Either way, welcome. We're glad you're here. You see, we're just beginning this new adventure together and we thought we'd keep track of it and share it with you. After all, there might be some funny things to share and no one should ever keep a funny thing to themselves. Besides, someday we might have kids and they may want to look back and read about their crazy parents. Then again, maybe they won't.

We want you to feel like family around here, so here's a little info about the Mister and Lady. Feel free to leave a little info about yourself too!
  • We are a couple.
  • We are foreigners to each other. In this country, he's the foreigner. In his country, I'm the foreigner.
  • He's a percussionist.
  • She's a singer.
  • He's a singer too but she's not a percussionist.
  • He likes to play soccer.
  • She has zero hand/eye, hand/foot, hand/anything coordination so she avoids flying objects, for example: soccer balls.
  • She likes to cook.
  • He likes to eat. Everything.
  • We both have loud families.
  • We're loud.
  • We'll probably have loud kids.
  • If we could sing, play the guitar, the piano, and dance together ALL DAY LONG, we would.
  • Our first date was salsa dancing. He's really good. She's really funny.
  • He's a journalist (the t.v. kind)
  • She's an actor/singer/dancer (the teaching kind)
  • We have a terrible problem with Dr. Pepper. As in, we can't stop drinking it.
  • We love to travel.
  • She believes that you should NEVER marry someone until you've traveled with them.
  • He believes that everything should be recycled. It probably should.
  • He and she belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. (aka. Mormon)
  • She speaks two languages.
  • He speaks two languages.
  • Unfortunately, two of those languages are not the same.
  • She's working on learning his first language. He probably doesn't really care to learn her second language and that's ok.
  • She writes in lists almost always.
  • He likes to watch documentaries.
  • She likes to read books.
  • He and she love reading the newspaper and
  • The Mister and Lady love each other.
We are excited for this new stage of life and this new blog to share new ideas, adventures in marriage, crafting, cooking creations, lists, fun with friends, embarrassing stories, and anything else that happens to show up.

Thanks for visiting. Come back soon!
xoxo-the Lady


  1. I'm proud to leave the first comment on your blog! Love this, love you two, love that I'm coming to your reception in 3 short days. Congrats and best wishes!!

  2. Cute! Thanks for sharing the link. Fun little intro on your man. Congrats on the wedding! I wish you both the very, very best!!

  3. Love your new blog, and I am soo excited for you to start this new adventure together! It really is the best ever!

  4. Cute blog! Now I can say I know more about you. :) You're a great writer too!

  5. OH for cute! Congrats on your nuptials! Where is your hubby from? What are the four languages you guys speak?

  6. Are you guys married yet? How soon for the big day?

  7. I'm super excited about this! I hope you guys keep this up because it will be a great bonding time for you! :)

  8. Hi! You don't know me but I grew up with Javi back in Alcala (me & David were inseparable)
    Just wanted to congratulate you on this great occasion! Hopefully we will meet someday. I am very glad that Javi found such a great person!

  9. Hi. You don't know me. I knew Javier...a little LDS Business College. We were in Psychology together, and Theater, and Sociology of Marriage and Family, I believe... We seem to have endless amounts of mutual friends on facebook because apparently he is the most prolific (and sincerely) friendly person in the world. I'm kind of a closet fan of newlywed blogs, and I enjoyed this one. I just thought I would admit it! Maybe you need to hear it. It's easy to think no one really appreciates your blog and drift away from it. I guess you have others too, but the premise of this one is classic and lovely, "Lady."
    My boyfriend is from another country too...I'm enjoying also this success story of a bicultural relationship.
    Good luck! Keep blogging!