Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Running Club

I would like to welcome Rachel, Julia, Kara, and Stephanie to the
It is so much more fun to complete challenges when you have friends involved!
Check out their blogs!

and I don't think Steph has a blog...yet!

The best part about this challenge has to do with reconnecting with these lovely ladies.
You see, Rachel and I go waaay back to 8th grade geography class.
Julia and I go back to growing up years, piano lessons, high school, and many other adventures in between.
Kara and I went through our whole college experience together as Music Dance Theatre majors.
Steph and I had the same personal trainer at the gym last year and we became friends through her!

Between the 5 of us, this challenge is occurring in PROVO, NEW YORK CITY, SAN DIEGO, and LITTLE ROCK!
I love that story.



  1. You're so sweet. Unfortunately, I am already behind. Did you realize that it's 4 miles a day? Including Sundays? Yeah, I've always been bad at math. I'm still in, though, don't worry - I'm just trying to find a treadmill!

    How are you doing?

  2. I guess we can make up the rules since we're the ones in charge here. Here's what I've been doing: I got really sick and so was out for a few days and so I got caught up on the bike. It's so much faster. A mile on the bike only takes about 4 minutes. Lets just say we have to run/walk/bike/jog 200 miles by Christmas. It doesn't matter how we do it just as long as we go 200 miles :)

  3. Umm I would like to attempt this, but I know I won't make it. Doesn't hurt to try, right?! Thanks for the challenge! :)