Sunday, February 27, 2011


I appreciate class and I appreciate modesty but not frumpy t-shirt and baggy jeans modesty. I appreciate high-fashion, covered-ness like what was displayed by many women at the Oscar's tonight. Loooooved it!
Helen Mirren
I really love this woman. I think she is class from top to bottom...all the time. Not to mention a wonderful actress.
Cate Blanchett
You may have hated this dress. I adored it. I love the tiny yellow detail on the shoulders and the shape that made it oh-so-interesting to stare at. It was hard to stop staring at just the dress!
Amy Adams
I'm sorry, did you just say ONE MILLION DOLLARS worth of jewels?
Florence Welch
Although her singing was awfully odd, I think this dress would be super comfy to wear.
Susan Downey with husband Robert Downey Jr.
I wonder what it's like to live with him?
Annette Bening.
I adore her all the time. Just look at that smile.
Anne Hathaway
Terrible picture but here she is with her mommy. I'm in love with the gown.


  1. Last night it was the first time I watched the Oscars all the way through. I really enjoyed it, the humour was a bit embarrasing (well nobody is as good as Ricky gervais). I have to say I love all the dresses you showed, I even said to Ben i want cate Blanchett's Haircut.
    But i have to admit that I enjoyed some of the "more reveling dresses" too. Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock and some of the dresses that Anne wore were very nice but my favourite was Hilary Swank. Love it!

  2. completely agreed. they were SO awkward. strange choice for hosts, in my opinion. but, she is oh-so-beautiful. my favorite modest dress of the evening? tie between Helen Mirren and Amy Adams. so beautiful.