Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Girl Time

In case you were wondering, this girl lucked out in the marriage department. Did you hear what Mister gave me for my birthday?!?!?!


So, I spent this last weekend in Southern California surrounded by the girls of my dreams. We hit up Disneyland, saw one of our dearest ladies as the lead in the Broadway Touring Company of "Legally Blonde" which was wonderful, btw. We stayed up until who knows when talking about boys and the problems of the dating life. (It made me infinitely grateful that Prince Charming has already made is entrance. Be single again? No thanks.) We ate ourselves silly. I really mean that. None of us have dared step on a scale because of the weight that we absolutely gained. No doubt about it. We ordered pizza and watched "Baby Mama" and laughed hysterically at Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

The best part of the trip? Just being together again. It seemed like no time had gone by even though a couple kids have entered the world via us, missions have been served, moves have been made to different states and even different countries, and our lives have gone in 19 billion different directions but that didn't matter. We picked up right where we left off, having sleepovers in the twin beds in our little college bedrooms, making weird faces in pictures, singing and dancing in the middle of the road, staying in restaurants until they open the doors to freeze us out so we'll finally leave, and eating lots of good food because we were never those kind of girls that "just ordered a salad". No. No. We have always been much to confident around each other for that nonsense.

Needless to say, it was the best birthday present ever. I am so grateful for friends. God was really looking out for me by giving me these girls.

So, as next year rolls around, someone remind the Mister that I'd love another round trip ticket to visit the ladies.

Pictures to follow...as soon as I get them.

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  1. Best.Weekend.Ever. I miss you already!!!! Seriously, I could not be more grateful for such sweet and wonderful friends!! That went much too quick!!! Please come back and visit me again soon!!! Love you forever!! XOXO