Saturday, May 14, 2011

Class of 2011

The Mister finally left University behind him and took that fateful walk across the stage to receive the coveted piece of paper telling the world that he made it through college. I am so proud of him. He graduated in Broadcast Journalism and spent his last semester of college interning as a part-time reporter with Mega News. He contributed at least one story every day to the 10 pm newscast. He often did the weather, sports, camera work, editing, recorded radio commercials, and covered the Real Salt Lake futbol games. (Infact he's covering the game against Houston again tonight...tune in!) This internship was much more than the normal Broadcast Journalism internship. They used him for everything! It gave him lots of wonderful experience. My favorite part of the days since January has been rushing home from work so I could be home for the 10:00 news to watch my cute husband on the television. I think I saw him more on tv than I did in person this last semester.
Mister's baby sister graduated at the same time from the Elementary Ed program.
We were so thrilled to have Mali and Buelo here from Madrid for the festivities.
Since my dad is the Associate Dean for the College of Fine Arts and Communications, he got to help present my darling's diploma to him. Don't they look great in their robes?

The whole group (almost):
E came to graduation with him mommy and was REALLY MAD that Papa had to sit on the stage. E kept trying to escape from us and run up to the stage to visit his best buddy. He even turned to the man next to us and said "Hey! Did you see Papa up there?" He can spot that Papa of his from a mile away.
I love this picture:
E probably cheered the loudest when Javi walked across the stage. He clapped and yelled. He was so proud.
Congratulations to my darling. Can't wait to watch you on television every night for the rest of my life. I'll make sure the kids give you kisses through the television every night before being tucked in.


  1. hooray!! im glad the whole familia could come out!
    love you annie!!

    ps: did you know im turning in my papers in two weeks-ish? im hoping to go to spain but new york would be cool too ;D

  2. Congrats! That's real cool about the Mister's job. Seriously- what a blast! Hooray for the both of you!

  3. Hey everyone looks so happy and beautiful. I miss you guys... and Congratulations!!