Monday, June 13, 2011

10 Things I Can Control

I feel as if my life is somewhat lacking control lately. Actually this has been going on for quite some time. I think that it is simple to forget what things we control about our lives and all too often we find ourselves muttering the words (either verbally or in our minds) "Because of _____ I couldn't do ____." and "It's not my fault I consumed 3,000 calories today, I had to eat out with my friends." and "I woke up late so I didn't exercise/read the scriptures/make my bed/fold the laundry/pick up my bath towel/start dinner before I left for work/this list could go on and on."

So here is my list in hopes that this will subliminally help me regain control.


1. I can control what goes into my body. No one is forcing that diet coke down my throat and no one made the nutella jump out of the cupboard at me and into my mouth. I control whether I drink 64 oz of H2O today.

2. I control whether I say morning and night prayers.

3. I control if I exercise each day. Feeling the sunshine on my face while riding my bike or taking a walk/jog means the world for my happiness levels.

4. I control whether or not I take time to study the Book of Mormon, Bible, and/or words of the prophets each and every day.

5. I control what time I wake up. No one is forcing me to hit the snooze button three times.

6. I control how happy my interactions are with my husband. Just because his dirty dishes never made it to the dishwasher doesn't mean that I am handed a coupon "good for one snide remark."

7. I control how happy ALL of my interactions are with ALL people that I come in contact with. I can largely control how each person feels as they walk away from me.

8. I control my money and every single purchase.

9. I control my time. And yes, I control the time I waste too.

10. I control my own growth each and every day. I control whether I am better today than I was yesterday. I control whether I will become better tomorrow or if I will revert back to yesterday.

So friends, this is me regaining control of my life.
Ready, Set, Go.

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  1. I loved this post from C. Jane, too! Great reminder to grab life by the horns. I've made my share of excuses down here as well, but I've found that whether I'm in Spanish Fork or São Paulo, taking control of the basics makes a world of difference in my overall contentment level.
    Also (unrelated), you were in my dream last night - a little random. Something about owning an industrial sized juicer and making citrus juice for homeless people through a Catholic charity. It was nice seeing you :)

  2. Love love love this post! You inspired me to get up earlier and do more with my day! I hope that I can be better in control of my life.

  3. you are an impressive young must have great older brothers...:)

  4. You make me feel like going to EFY with some of these posts :) Good job!