Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday nights

Around here, on Wednesday nights, you can find me hanging out with the coolest teenagers in town. They really are so fun. Tonight was a night to pass off some Personal Progress value experiences so we decided to pass of THREE under the "Individual Worth" section (found on pages 30-31 of the PP book). We started by having a little devotional about how we can know that Heavenly Father loves us. We looked up some scriptures found in the Bible and the Book of Mormon and wrote about what we learned (passing off Value Experience #1)

Then we passed off another Value Experience (# 6) by creating these darling family trees inspired by this.
And then came the best part. Value Experience #5 says this: "Participate in a dance, speech, music, or drama performance at school, in your community, or at church. How did your participation in this activity strengthen your feelings of individual worth and self-confidence? Record your thoughts in your journal."

So naturally, we had a dance class and I taught hip hop dance to perform for the other leaders in a makeshift dance concert! We had the best's the proof: (ignore my screaming...I couldn't help myself)
Ladies and Gentlemen: the newly formed B7 DANCE CREW! There IS more where that came just wait.

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  1. Is this the Spanish branch (ward?) in Provo? My single's ward did tutoring for that ward - maybe still does - once a week. It was SUCH a good experience! Great great kids. That girl in the front looks really familiar . . . Fun night!