Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The view from here

So, we made it. We officially arrived in our new home last night at 10 something. For a while there I thought we would never see city lights ever again. I nearly cried when I finally spotted the beautiful city lights of Rio Rancho and Albuquerque. We arrived at a lovely hotel and hardly noticed anything except for the SUPER AMAZING BED awaiting our arrival. We hardly spoke before completely konking out. I had it in my head that we would sleep in to make up for the nearly 12 hour drive but my sweet husband was just so excited that at 7:30 he was wide awake. So much for my plan.

Yesterday, this was my view for almost 12 hours. Yow. If it weren't for the spectacular sunset, I wouldn't have been able to stand it! I memorized Javi's license plate, the trailer license plate, and the words on the Budget truck. Just in case you ever end up on 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' or 'Cash Cab' and need that information, call me when you get to phone a friend. I've got it covered.
This was my view today as Javi made his grand entrance into the Univision KLUZ television station. He was a happy boy. I am so proud of him I can't hardly stand it. I just think he's really cool. I just watched his debut story on the 10:00 news. His was the very first story of the whole night! Yahoo! I'll post the link when it goes online in the morning.
Today, while looking at an apartment, this was my view:
Needless to say, we are not moving in any time soon. It literally ran across the floor of the laundry room while we were doing a walk through. Talk about awkward for the guy showing us the apartment. I had the heeby-geeby shivers the rest of the walk through.

Other views of importance:

We have witnessed the most beautiful lightning storm all day long and some SERIOUSLY loud thunder. It's pretty wonderful.

I saw a sign today that says "Peace. Love. Green Chiles." This place is all about the green chile. Walking through Wal-Mart tonight I must have seen three separate displays of green chiles. I am really excited to eat lots of them and get to know lots of wonderful recipes including this favorite food of Albuquerque.

My favorite view is seeing the smile of my sweet Javi as I get to see his excitement for this new adventure and his new job. I'm so thrilled that he is so happy.

I went to the gym tonight and it was really odd to not be running home to do anything. I couldn't go through my to-do list in my head which is where my mind normally roams during workouts because I don't have a to-do list. It was amazing. Speaking of the gym, let me tell you of my workout goal of Albuquerque. It goes like this:

5 miles a day - 5 days a week

Today I did the first mile on the elliptical followed by 3 miles on the bike and the final mile on the treadmill. This girl has got to get herself moving again. When you take away the cardio of hiking the stairs at BYU and crossing that huge campus along with not taking or teaching any dance classes, the old body starts to to interesting things....for example: it gets chubby. Lovely. It's time to be done with that chubby thing.

So anyway, we have thoroughly enjoyed our first day in our new home. I made sure to find the Temple, the nearest Wal-mart, and Sonic. What more could I possible need?

Goodnight to the ABQ.
Peace. Love. Green Chiles.

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  1. Now, if you go somewhere to eat and the server asks, "red or green?", the correct answer is, "which is hotter?" :) I seriously need that green chilies sign, love it. Congrats to Javi on the new job!