Friday, November 4, 2011

Grateful for Prayer

Today, after 25+ hours of training, I finally got my clearance to start substitute teaching in Albuquerque!  Subbing in Utah basically just took a desire and a little bit of knowledge but subbing in Albuquerque takes more than 25 hours of trainings and meetings.  I learned a huge amount but I am really grateful to be at this end of it.  It was an especially great miracle because we were told in our final training yesterday to not expect to be cleared until NEXT Friday, meaning a whole week away.  This morning I woke up and prayed to Heavenly Father that by some miracle, my clearance could come today so that I could start working 5 days a week at the school, continue 3 days a week nannying, and 2 days a week of teaching voice.  When the phone call came, only a few hours after my prayers, I probably sounded overly excited to be receiving my clearance and employee number but I wasn't just excited to receive those things, I was also excited to remember that God does answer prayers and that He answered mine today.

So today I am obviously grateful for Prayer and that Heavenly Father still listens to mine.  He's never stopped listening to mine, it's me who sometimes stops listening for Him but I'm grateful He never gives up on me.

Also today I got to talk to my dad.  He delivered, as usual.  As I ranted about a number of things he reminded me of the imperfections of us all.  He reminded me that even people who live in wholesome, near perfect environments still mess up and so I should have lots of patience for my sweet little Young Women who don't have any support from family at home and the only thing pushing them towards the gospel is my friend Magaly and myself.  How would I be doing if I only had two people encouraging me in everything?  How would I be holding up in everyone in my family was discouraging me from the things that make me the most happy?

Patience, Annalece.  Patience.

So again, I'm grateful for Prayer because last night as I went to bed...and ranted to Heavenly Father...He once again provided an answer to what I needed to hear.  That answer came through my good daddy.

So, once again, thanks for prayer and thanks for listening.

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  1. I'm so glad the substituting is going to work out! That will be an adventure, for sure!!