Friday, January 20, 2012

Grad School

Here's what the first week of grad school looked like:

Day 1:

  • Leave an hour before school starts.  
  • Walk around the building I'm supposed to be in six or seven times before realizing I'm in in the right place.  
  • Make a new friend.  
  • Discover that my favorite Sigg bottle has a leak...only discover it after it has already leaked all over my new (very expensive) books.  
  • Find out I have to buy even more expensive books.
  • Find a really cute plaid binder in the bookstore.  Almost buy it until I find that down the side it says "Woof.  Woof.  Woof."  Definitely don't buy it :)
  • Learn that a lobo says "woof".
  • Do four loads of laundry between class one and two.
  • Go into class #2.
  • Nearly cry myself out of that class because the reading and writing load is so ridiculously huge.
  • Discuss the class content and fall in love with it and decide that I'm actually excited for all of the reading and writing.
  • Discover another pregnant girl in the class.  She's due after me but her first baby came seven weeks early so she'll likely beat me to the punch.
  • Other pregnant girl ate nonstop during the 2 1/2 hour class which made me feel much better about myself.
  • Be kinda sad that night time class takes me away from Biggest Loser.  How am I going to get my good cry in?
Day 2:
  • Park a mile away from school for lack of any other parking.  
  • Think that class starts at 4:00...race my little legs up three flights of stairs to discover that the door at the top is locked.  Getting lost on campus happens for the second day in a row.
  • Get to class very winded and realize that class doesn't start until 4:15.
  • Get into class and meet the sassiest 67 year old teacher on the face of the earth.
  • Discover for the second time in one week that I'm actually not as inept at math as I've thought for 25 years.
  • Miss the BYU candy counter like crazy.  I could REALLY use some Juju hearts.
  • Laugh my head off for 2 1/2 hours at sassy 67 year old teacher.
  •  Decide that I love Grad school.
No, like, for real.
I love it.
Sitting in class was so joyful for me.  
I took notes with such enthusiasm it was rather shocking...
and possibly embarrassing.

In other news: 
I love backpacks.  I was "too cool" for backpacks clear through my undergrad and thus I have one shoulder that sits lower than the other from carrying ginormous handbags filled with ridiculous amounts of weight.  Lame.  
But now I have a really cool Volcom backpack that the worker at the store told me was a BOY BACKPACK but I bought it anyway and it makes me feel not quite so nerdy.  AND it makes my already-prego-painful-back feel pretty good!

I feel like such a lucky girl to have this opportunity.

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  1. How fun...I love school as well. I am glad you are having a wonderful experience! Melissa