Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sewing and Celebrating

A few posts back about "making stuff" I talked about teaching the Young Women (aka the teenage girls that live in our church boundaries) how to sew.  We have laughed a lot and spent LOTS of time unpicking seams.  They seem to have finally grasped it!  Here are three of the four finished baby blankets that we will be taking to the local hospital Mother/Baby unit next Thursday night.  They are so proud of their work and I am so proud of them!  They've decided that they want to make blankets for themselves to take to Girls Camp this summer so it looks like we'll be spending lots more time in front of the sewing machines!  

What sweet girls they are!
Fernanda, Giselly, Jasmin, Debany, and Brianna

We also managed to throw in a little birthday celebrating tonight.  Nothing Bundt Cakes to the rescue!   People: if you have never eaten a bundt cake from Nothing Bundt should change that ASAP.  The girls thought they had died and gone to heaven.  Seriously.  Divine.
The girls and the YW Presidency
Crystal, Jasmin, Debany, Magaly, Giselly, me, Brianna, Fernanda (so sad to be missing  our 4 Perez sisters and Duby tonight!)
I am very grateful to get to work with the Young Women.  I just adore teenage girls.  They are so full of life, energy, and curiosity.  I'm grateful to get to rub shoulders with them.  I'll keep hoping for some of that energy to rub off on me!

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