Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Mister on Assignment

The life of the Mister has been increasingly more interesting than that of the Lady as of late.  Just tonight, the final segment of a 3 part series was aired of the Mister on assignment as a homeless man.  Homelessness is a huge problem in Albuquerque and so Javier spent 24 hours living as one of them, undercover, to spread awareness.  What an eye-opening experience it was.  (The videos are all in Spanish so they likely won't mean anything to you if you don't understand any Spanish.)
The first segment is all about prepping for the experience by interviewing volunteers and workers from the rescue mission and showing a little about what is available to our homeless friends.
Part 2 begins his undercover experience during the day.  He was shocked that after several hours of begging for money (that he had planned to donate to the rescue mission), not one person gave him anything.  He couldn't believe the looks of disgust that he received from drivers and their passengers.  He couldn't believe how many families with several small children there were that were in need of food and shelter.  
Part 3 is his nighttime.  This was the time that his wife was at home having panic attacks (so much so that I ended up at the dr.'s office having my heart monitored) afraid for the life of her husband.  I knew that several fights had broken out.  I knew that there were lots of drugs and I knew that he was sleeping in a non-functioning prison.  Now THOSE are some awesome text messages to get.

What an experience.  I'm so proud of my man and what he does to raise awareness for those less fortunate.  He came up with this idea and the station was thrilled.  Ratings are soaring thanks to this guy and I am so proud.

How grateful we are for our apartment, our bed, running water, bathrooms with doors, and a full fridge.


  1. Wow. Javi is pretty amazing. Look at you guys changing the world one news broadcast at a time! :)

  2. That's amazing! David and I are both so impressed at his dedication and courage! And poor you!! I can't imagine how scary that must have been. You're just as much of a trooper as he is. :) Hopefully his next undercover job is much less stressful...

  3. Hi there! I found your blog from Alyse Hales (Barber). Anyway, I had to comment on this. Oh my gosh!!!! I can't imagine my husband doing that. I would kill him. You are so brave. I wish I spoke spanish but the footage is enough. You're a really good wife.