Monday, April 9, 2012


What could be better than holidays?  I can't imagine.  Easter day started out early as little sister woke me up at 6:30 by stretching out as big as she could...over and over and over.  I decided there was no hope in sleep so I woke up to get going on the Easter projects I had yet to finish.

First up: our homemade Easter outfits.  (More on those later but here's a sneak peek)

Next up: finish the Easter lesson for church.  I received the brilliant idea to do a "silent lesson" from  I was quite curious about how the girls would react to it but I was pleasantly surprised at their attentiveness and willingness to follow the directions simply written on posters.  Here is one of the videos used that quickly teaches about the final days of the Savior's life.  

Finally: Cinnamon rolls.  Um...I think I ate four.  Count 'em.  FOUR.

After church we headed to an Easter day BBQ with other members of our church as well as a family that is currently learning about the church.  Actually, the party was at their house!  They were wonderful hosts and we enjoyed delicious carne asada, baked potatoes, and lots of hot sauce (naturally).

Things got a little crazy as the missionaries hid all the Easter eggs for the children to find.  Perhaps you've heard of the tradition to fill real egg shells with confetti and then cracking them on each other?  I had never heard of it before but it was a definite keeper!
Javi after the "attack".
Jasmin, looking like a celebrity.

Marta was doing LOTS of attacking so she earned every bit of that confetti in her hair!  I somehow avoided the attack on the hair, but my baby girl belly was certainly left with a little decoration!
Sweet Camilla surrounded by egg shells, confetti, and her findings.  
Cynthia made this incredible Easter cake!  She is so talented.  She puts my crafting abilities to shame!  
Sweet Mom and Dad sent our little family a lovely Easter package.  It's so nice to be remembered even when we're so far away!
Easter basket goods!  New hoodies for the whole family (baby girl included), treats, sprinkles, and baby shoes!

Happy Easter weekend to all!  

This week is a big one with giveaways right around the corner!  We have two new sponsors that will be featured and they have some pretty wonderful giveaways coming your way!  Stay tuned and follow this blog!


  1. I love easter. Sad we couldn't come to the bbq, we had a family dinner with Steve's aunt and Uncle but it looks like you guys had so much fun! What great people. Sad we won't be in the branch anymore- but we will see you often! Okay... so just plan on lots of double dates, dinner parties, etc in the near future! Sure love you guys!

  2. So FUN!!! We missed seeing you though! I am working on my Easter pics right now!!! So check the blog soon!
    LOVE YOU!!!