Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy ONE YEAR Albuquerque-versary

One year ago at right this very minute, we were pulling into Albuquerque with 
a moving van, 
a car on a trailer, 
another car, 
and no idea of what lie ahead of us.
We pulled in, Javi having never been here, and jumped head first into the craziest year of our lives.
Craziest, and most wonderful.
Just before driving away from our Utah life.
Saying goodbye to our first apartment

To commemorate the highlights of this year, we each made a list while eating lunch at our favorite deli.
The List of the Mister:
The birth of Celine
Doing a news story from a hot air balloon
The "homeless" story that essentially made him famous in the ABQ
Receiving a new car AS A GIFT
Being made the Branch President in our church.

The List of the Lady:
The pregnancy and birth of Celine
The Balloon Fiesta
Starting my Master's degree
Countless trips to Utah, Wyoming, and Alabama to visit my favorites
exploring this place.

Our favorite places around the ABQ:
The year-round Farmer's Market
Nothing Bundt Cakes
Schlotzsky's Deli
Pottery Barn
Flying Star Cafe
2-5 Sonic Happy Hour (only 2-4 in Utah)
Lulu Lemon
Blake's Lotaburger
Green Chile

The things we could have done without but can laugh at now:
The cockroaches,
The time we were robbed,
Moving 3 times in 7 months,
Leaving my phone on top of the car and driving down a 6 lane highway

Why we're happy to be staying a little longer:
The Alvarado Park Spanish Branch of the LDS church,
Living in a city where everything is so close,
The friends we've made,
Javi being the "Voice of the Lobos" as the ESPN radio commentator for UNM sports,
The Balloon Fiesta round 2,
More exploration while being less pregnant.

Thanks for a fantastic year, Albuquerque.
You are fabulous and we love being apart of you.


  1. FYI... We have Nothing Bundt cakes here as well, and yes they are fabulous!!

  2. Oh, and your family is the cutest ever... but you already new that!

  3. We SO have Schlotzsky's AND Pottery Barn, lady!!

  4. SPAIN doesn't have any of those three! This was a list combining both Utah and Spain. Javi has really started to love Nothing Bundt's, Schlotzsky's and Pottery Barn and none of those existed for him in Spain. Sorry for the confusion. I reworded it to try and dispel the confusion :)

  5. Congratulations! The first year in a new place is the hardest, I think. Our first year in California was ROUGH to say the least. I'm glad you're finding things to be excited about even when you're so far from home!