Monday, October 1, 2012

Finding Our Happy: A New Series

Welcome friends!
As inspired by THIS POST, it is time to 
find our happy.
I've asked a few of my favorite people to contribute to this series and you are sure to read some fabulous words in the coming weeks.

New posts from fabulous people will be featured every Monday.
To start us out, I bring you one of the dearest friends God ever gave me.

May I present Mrs. Powell.
Newlywed.  First grade teacher. Homemaker of America. BFF. 
Mrs. Powell posted this on her facebook wall last week and she started it like this:

If I had a blog, this would have been on it today.
Just a few thoughts...
I love a quiet house. I love just sitting here and soaking in the sounds of my home – the ticking of the clock, the siren of a passing police car, the chatter of a bird in the trees outside the window, the steady hum of cars as they pass, the children as they play in the yard next door, my own thoughts. I can hear them, in the quiet of my home. And it’s nice to listen to them. Today they are telling me to sit and write. And maybe read for a little bit too. Before beginning to prepare dinner for McCade when he gets home.

My heart is full of gratitude and thanksgiving today, for so many things – 

For my husband, whom I love with a love that I didn’t know was possible until I knew him. 
For the changing seasons and the coming of fall. 
For cooler weather.
For trees and leaves that change colors.
For a job that provides an income for our family.
For opportunities to become more patient and loving; more like my Savior.
For the PTCAS and having it done. Finally.
For the prospect of going away to PT school next year.
For the calmness and peaceful confidence that comes from the Spirit and my Heavenly 
Father when I know we’ve done something right.
For a desire to do my Father’s will and serve in whatever part of His vineyard He 
chooses to take us.
For my love of being a wife and homemaker.
For my recent desire to be crafty and “create.”

I am so happy today; so peaceful; so content. Even though I know, deep in my mind, that there are things I could and should be worried about, I’m not worried about them today. Today is my day to feel peaceful and content. Today is my day to bask in the beauty of quietness and let it wrap me up in happy thoughts.

Thank you Mrs. Powell.
Because of you I am sitting here enjoying the sound of my humming refrigerator
which makes me grateful that I have a refrigerator and it is full of food.
That makes me blessed.

And the happy thoughts just keep coming...

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