Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I believe in family.

I believe that the most important things in this world are 

No amount of money or products have ever made me happier than these people.
It doesn't matter "how good skinny feels"...
being surrounded by those I love feels better.

I believe in family.
I believe in God because I know that He gave us family.
I believe in God because I know that He wants me to be surrounded and supported by 

I believe that family comes in many shapes and sizes.
I believe that we have our blood family
and I believe we have other family members.

I believe that family is just the same whether it comes through birth at a hospital
or through an adoption agency.

I believe that God already knows who is supposed to end up with who
and if that means that I'm going to get my family through adoption
so be it.

If that means that I'll never have blood sisters
but I will have a handful of dear girls that love me unconditionally,
I'm in.

I believe in family more than I believe in most anything else.
I believe that relationships are the most important.

And I believe that it's all apart of a big plan that has been in the works for thousands of years.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Family was a really, really good idea.
Thanks for that.
Love, The Mister, Lady, and Nugget


  1. OH I just love you to pieces!!! So grateful for such dear friends like you :) Sisters in my book! XOXO