Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I was chatting with a lovely Southern Belle yesterday and she kept saying something like 
"I just really believe that people are good."

Forgive me for admitting the following but
I had stopped believing that for a while.

Life has recently allowed us to become acquainted with some real-life bullies.
These bullies are just the same as those that plague the elementary school playground.
I refuse to go into details, because that wouldn't do anybody any good, 
but these bullies have caused me to question my faith in the human race.

My sweet Southern Belle friend, Steph, gave me a  much needed reminder
and I am so grateful.

You see, 
being involved in the lives of Taylor and Bailee as of late has caused me to see thousands of acts of goodness.
For the past several days, I have received several messages, emails, and phone calls from complete strangers that heard about Taylor, Bailee, and Madie and wanted to see what they could do to help.
People from all over the world have pitched in by offering monetary support,
sharing their talents,
and praying.

Every one of those acts has brought me to tears.
I basically cry all day these days.
Every time the phone rings with an unrecognized number, I start to tear up because I know what is likely to come.

Steph was right.
People are GOOD.
Even the bullies we've met are good
I think.
Actually, I'm not quite sure.

I kid.
Of course they are good.
God wouldn't have sent someone to earth with only negative qualities.
He had to of put some good in there somewhere.

For those of you still looking to do some good,
here is the website.
Morris Family Assistance Fund
Even if you can give $1.
If everyone who read the original post about Taylor, Bailee, and Madie would have donated a tiny dollar, we would have over $5,000.
Amazing, right?

So, thanks for being good
...all of you.

Except you mean people...


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  1. Remember opposition in ALL things. Although it is not pleasant sometimes....the bad always helps us to recognize the GOOD around us. We have to choose to focus on what is most important to us and relaize that in the end, HE and the GOOD will always prevail. We love you!