Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter and a few #momfails

I have done my fair share of easing into the holiday craziness that motherhood brings.
For example, our Easter dinner yesterday was a complete fail with barely enough food to fill the Mister's empty belly.
And while we're talking about Easter fails, lets take a look at my Easter breakfast:
The monkey bread on the cake platter didn't work out so well.
As it came plopping out of the bundt pan, landing all over the counter top, I started laughing.
I laughed out loud for a good five minutes.
The Mister and Baby were still asleep so there wasn't even anyone to laugh at my idiocy with me.
Perhaps it wouldn't have been as funny had my family been standing around awaiting their breakfast.
Lets all take note that this fail was recorded with a finger over the camera lens.
Double fail.

Celine had a fever but we were scheduled to sing in a quartet during church so staying home wasn't an option.
The poor dear cried through the first hour...
and the second...
and then we gave up, piled in the car, and drove the 20 minutes back home.

When we got home, Celine and I laid down for a two hour nap.
Celine and I had been out of town for a whole week and yet we left the poor Mister to hang out with himself for yet another afternoon.

Celine's face fully encapsulates her utter and complete shock at my failure of an Easter celebration.

The lucky thing is that this holiday is celebrated because of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Luckily, he already did his part and he did it REAL well.
No Easter fails for Him.

I feel so blessed to have been guided to Him,
to know of His atoning sacrifice, 
and to feel that I truly know Him.

The greatest Easter memory of this year will be the evening we spent at the Mesa Easter Pageant watching our dear friends.
The things we learned and the feelings we felt will forever outweigh my 2013 Easter fails.

The gift of the Savior is so good and so much more important that ruined monkey bread.

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