Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I am making a challenge. This challenge is for myself and ANYONE else who will complete the challenge with me. Ready?

Beginning today, I will run 200 miles before Christmas.

This may not seem like much to many of you, but since the 3 knee surgeries, it's been really hard to run. BUT I'm not going to allow my knee to determine my health. Besides, if you or I can't run for one day, maybe we could bike instead.

Besides, Mister promised a very special prize if I complete the challenge. I'll give you a hint.



(I've been dreaming of these since March which was the first time I put them on. Who knew that behinds could look so good in work out pants. I'm not kidding here, people.)

SO, WHO'S IN?!?!


  1. I'm in! Especially if lululemon is involved! They have by far the cutest + most flattering workout clothes evah. Also, you're a genius! Rewarding yourself with workout clothes for actually working out - I tend to buy the clothes first + never quite make it to the working out part. sigh.

    I'm going to start planting the lululemon seed today, I hope Brian is ready :)

    I need some motivation to make me learn to love running, and this is it!

    I'm starting today! yay!

    p.s. i saw your bridal photos yesterday, pretty lady, and you. are. GORGEOUS!

  2. I'll already let you in on the best I can do. After about 6 months of no exercize and a desk job--I even bought a wii over the summer thinking it would get me to "work out"--I discovered internet exercize tv! I found a total body workout in 10 minutes that I do in the mornings before I shower. Combine that with my own version of yoga for another 10 after I finish and that's a step forward for this sedentary woman!

  3. I'm in. What is your strategy? Are you running 5 days a week and taking 2 off? a mile a day? Are you trying to lengthen your running like 1 mile one day, 2 miles the next...

    Great challenge!