Saturday, November 6, 2010

Why patience is important.

If I had more patience I wouldn't have bought these:
AND these:
and then I could have just bought these:
It's actually quite upsetting.
For more lovelies, check out the new TOMS holiday line by clicking here.
(Dear Nikki Bohne, I will be SOOOO mad if you buy these. And then I will borrow them. Love, me)


  1. Oh my, those are darling. They're screaming your name. :) Buy them anyway!

  2. i LOVE these so much! i once heard that toms are a delight to wear. can't wait to learn for myself. you should get these ones to add to your sparkly collection and maybe someday i will get a pair of red canvas ones or maybe the gold glitters.

  3. Oh Stephie, YOU NEED SOME TOMS! Your feet will thank you. Red ones sound wonderful but I've been eying the gold glitters for for quite some time now.