Monday, January 31, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

Remember how teenage magazines often show the contents of celebrity handbags? A very basic marketing ploy, but effective none-the-less. Well, I'm no celeb but I thought I'd share my beloveds with you. Keep in mind, some of these things don't actually go in my handbag (i.e. the item that melts), I am just glad I don't have to live without them. I constantly have at least one, oftentimes two, containers of this on my person. As winter began, my lips felt like they were falling off of my face. I got a couple containers of this for FREE and I will be happy to pay whatever they ask me to when I run out.
We all know how much I love TOMS. We all know that some of our engagement photos revolved around HIS burlap pair and HER silver sparkly pair. Then the Mister went out and bought the gold sparkles for the Lady. "So they'll match your ring" he says. Love him.
My hair would break off into tiny little frizzy pieces without this bottle. I actually need it.
SONIC ICE! I am definitely the kind of girl to go to Sonic Drive through just to get a Route 44 full of pebble ice. Wow. Love.
Ok. Ok. These aren't really MY favorite things because I don't actually have either one of these, but I like to dream about the day when I will have a fancy-schmancy phone that does more that just makes phone calls. It sounds fun.
Finally, my current favorite things are my books. If I had the chance, I would sit in the big chair, named 'the throne' in the living room and never move all day all in the name of a good book. I thought that I would only be appropriate to share my current favorites in case you are in need of a good read.

Did I mention I've taken up stitching? I have no idea what I'm doing. Never been taught so I just make lots of stitches to make it look neat. In my typical "I-can't-follow-a-pattern-or-recipe-or-any-instructions" style, I obviously don't have a pattern so I just drew one up. Typical.
No. I did not stitch this. This is hilarious and oh so not true.

And this is another favorite. My actual handbag. I had my eye on this puppy almost a whole year ago but would never spend the $ on it. Out of the goodness of my dear friends heart, I received it as a gift during the summer time and it hasn't had a day off since. Give me ruffles and metallics and I'm content. This lovely does both.
So, anyway, that's my handbag of necessities. (Actually, not really necessities, just things that make me smile) Don't be surprised when you see me and I really do have a pair of shoes, a couple books, a bag of stitching, and two containers of lip gloss in my purse. A cup of Sonic ice in my hand, leave-in-conditioner on my head, and dreams of fancy gadgets circling my little brain. It happens more than you might imagine.

P.S. Clicking on the pictures will take you to the websites where each item is available MUCH cheaper than I bought them for. Happy Shopping!


  1. Goose girl is excellent! Have you read her other books? Love the purse too! Way fun. :D

  2. I love how blogs are just a collection of random thoughts, for the most part. I love this post idea! I might steal your idea... only your favorites are much classier than mine. ;) Love your style!

  3. So how come there aren't any links as to where to find those things?! :)

  4. Great question! There are now. Just click on the pictures and it takes you straight to shopping!

  5. i too am a sonic ice fanatic!!! The craving becomes even moreso when prego, so watch out! FYI you can buy sonic ice by the bag for your freezer. I currently have two in my deep freeze...due to recently being prego. ;) So, just FYI, huge bag of sonic ice...only 1.25 or something like that. It is fantastic!!!