Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sometimes we do things that are really scary.

For example, the Mister and I go to a Spanish ward. The first few weeks were a little frustrating for me. I just REALLY wanted to understand what was going on! I got so frustrated one day that I left the third hour and found an English church and snuck in. Unluckily, I knew several people in the ward I had escaped to and they even made me stand up, introduce myself, and explain why I was visiting. How embarrassing. I most definitely said "My name is ____________ and I am here because my husband and I go to the Spanish ward and I'm just really frustrated with the language today. Amen." Good one. After church was over, and I headed back to our church to pick up my husband, I called my dad and whined and whined. He lovingly reminded me to stop being such a drama queen which I did. And that was that.

NOW I adore the Spanish ward. I've become much more attached to it than my born and raised Spaniard husband. I adore the people, I couldn't live without my Young Women and thinking of missing any given Sunday makes me really sad. I love it there.

But, this Sunday is going to be terrifying. Mister and I are speaking in church IN SPANISH. I am understanding more and more of the language every day and can get along quite well but this will be my very first attempt at speaking the language.

Terrifying. Absolutely terrifying.


  1. Such a brave, brave young woman! Hang in there. The Lord is aware of your efforts and I'm sure you will do WONDERFULLY and lucky for you, your hubby will speak after you so... all points are covered. Best of luck!

  2. That is amazing, you will do great!!! I would totally be so nervous, but I am slightly jealous of the neat opportunity!

  3. You can do it for sure!!!!
    I'll might go to your ward just to cheer you up!=)