Thursday, February 3, 2011

Time Out!

Today I got to go and play with my nephew and his two cousins from the other side of the family. It was me, a 4 year old, a 2 year old, and a 1 year old. Talk about a party. We ate lots of crackers, drank lots of water out of sippy cups, watched lots of "Curious George", and ended off the morning with "Finding Nemo."

The 4 year old is a little Princess and makes sure to keep everyone in line. She probably told me to put the babies in time out more than 30 times. She thinks that time out is deserved when a child stands up on the couch. Tipping over your sippy cup is definitely time out worthy and giving besitos is also a very good reason for a minute or two on the bottom step. After listening to her tell me to put the babies in time out time and time again, I finally said to Ethan, the 2 year old:

"Ethan, do you want to go to time out?"

and he answered with a resounding


So he marched himself, 1 year old in tow, to the bottom step and plopped down. He and Landon (1 year old) sat there staring straight ahead talking a million miles an hour to each other and giggling lots and lots.

My kind of fellas. Oftentimes I think about how wonderful a "time out" or "grounding" might be. I would LOVE to be told to go sit still, staring straight ahead, and DON'T YOU DARE do anything! I wonder when sitting still and doing nothing went from being the worst thing in the world to the utmost desire of my tired body? Apparently Ethan has already found the good in the sit-still moments. What a wise little man.

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