Monday, March 28, 2011

Nieces and Nephews

Mister and I adore Nieces and Nephews. We like to take them on dates and play games with them. When we got married I only had one nephew but with the combining of the families, I now have thirteen little people to spoil! (Obviously, we're missing the ones from Germany and little Addie who was just born in February.)
We always wonder how we'd balance having so much fun with the nieces and nephews with having our own kids. We haven't figured it out yet...thus, no kids yet.
We have had so many good times with our nieces and nephews since we were married. One of my favorites was when David and Brittney were at our house to watch a football game. It was time to decorate the Christmas tree and I had the three best helpers in the world! Granted, there weren't any decorations on the top half of the tree because they couldn't reach, but the bottom half looked amazing!
We also love going on "dates" with Bryan and Matthew. Only one or two months after Javi and I started dating, Bryan asked me "When are we going to go on a date?" I told him whenever he wanted to. He then asked "When are you going to marry Javi?" I awkwardly answered "whenever he asks me." Bryan then turned to Javi and told him that he'd better ask me soon so that I can be his aunt and take him on dates.

Other favorite niece and nephew memories include playing Don't Eat Pete with the beautiful but drooly nieces. The game board will never be the same after that one!

We also love skyping with our littles in Germany. They put on full performances whenever we Skype! They sing, dance, show us their favorite hair accessories, and make us laugh.

I also love taking our two year old nephew on dates after work. Last Friday we went on a date to see "Alice in Wonderland" performed by a children's theatre company. Ethan loved it! He has been talking about "Tweedledee and Tweedledum" ever since. He loved those silly guys!

And of course sweet baby Adelle who just joined our family last month. My favorite memory of her so far is walking into the living room of my parents house and seeing Javi and Addie napping together on the couch. So sweet.

We are so grateful for such wonderful family all around us and we can't wait to make more memories with those lovely little people!


  1. yay! so much fun. we were big on niece/nephew sleepovers {you know, back when we lived in the same country}. And don't worry - you'll manage when you have your own kids ;) Cousins make great miniature babysitters! love ya.

  2. Oh so cute! you guys are darling with those nieces and nephews! You'll be wonderful parents when you're ready.

  3. Seriously-- nieces and nephews are the best! I love that Matty and Bryan request dates; we just went on one tonight! And I hear about the fun dates they go on with you and Javi. Honestly, they're so lucky to have us! :)

  4. You're so sweet! Yes, they do love going on dates - especially with you! I can't believe Bryan asked when Javi was going to marry you! I guess he knew how things needed to go down. :) Thank you for all you do for my kiddos! They sure love you both!

  5. I love all the pics...well get ready I'll be sending my girls your way very soon. :)

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