Thursday, March 10, 2011


Yesterday I turned 25. I am feeling really good about 25. I am far more mature now that I'm 25 and I am way smarter too. Ok. Not really. But I do want to tell you all about the very interesting day I had yesterday. It was unlike any other birthday in my human history.

I have a very busy family and a very busy husband which means that it's nearly impossible to celebrate a birthday when it falls in the middle of the week. Tuesday, I decided that I didn't need anyone to celebrate with because I could just as easily celebrate myself. And that I did!

9am: Birthday Massage because last year for my birthday, my sweet boyfriend gave me a spa gift card. Luckily for me, I had saved it to celebrate this years birthday!
10am: a stop a Sonic for a Dr. Pepper
11am: Teach a voice lesson
12pm: Lunch at my FAVORITE place, Ruby River. Mom met me there. That was wonderful. We shared the birthday mud pie because it's mom's birth-giving day which should also be celebrated.
2pm: Afternoon snack with the homeless man on the corner of University Avenue and Center Street. For some reason, as I drove past this man, I got to thinking about how he must celebrate his birthday. I'm guessing he doesn't celebrate at all. No one sends him facebook messages or flowers and that makes me very sad. I had a bag of chips and three apples so I parked the car, got out, and strolled on over to "his bench". I said "Hey! Are you hungry?" His eyes lit up and said "Yes!" Then he looked at my food and said "I don't much care for apples but I WOULD like some chips!" That made me laugh. So we chatted for a quick second, told each other to have a good day, and I went on my way. Apples in tow. Luckily there was another homeless man down the block and he DOES like apples :) I'm so grateful for my life, my home, and that I had those chips and apples.
3pm: I taught some crazy kids how to sing. They are wild and after all of these months of voice lessons I would think that they'd sound better singing 'Happy Birthday'. Why is it that our very worst singing voices come out when it's time to sing that song? I'm guilty as well.
7pm: I taught the Young Women how to lead music. Talk about hilarious. With half-english and half-spanish conversations going on, we're always good for a few laughs.
8pm: The Young Women bought me a cake! We enjoyed birthday cake together and it was yummy and so so wonderful to share it with my favorite teenage girls! As we ate cake, we talked about Prom, boys, and soccer. Typical.
10pm: I finally got to see my darling foreigner. Oh geez, I love him. Pomegranate Lemonade and quesadilla's for dinner. Sounds like a great end to a wonderful day.

So actually, I am smarter now that I'm 25 because I realized that I can celebrate myself and still have a wonderful birthday. I learned that nothing is better than lunch across the table from your favorite woman in the world. I remembered how blessed I am to have 4 walls and a bed. I learned that no matter how long you've had voice lessons, you will still sound terrible singing 'Happy Birthday'. And I learned that I don't need a fancy dinner/restaurant/present to feel loved and important, my boyfriend can make me feel that way over quesadillas.

25: You are gonna be good.


  1. I had a birthday on Monday and I did much the same thing (well not exactly) - but I did celebrate by myself! It was grand and I loved it. Everyone should something for themselves for their birthday. and i'm with ya girl, 25 is going to be GOOD. :o) Happy Birthday! (ps we know each other in real life - I left you a facebook message about reading i just don't use my real name or anything on blogger. ;) )

  2. Such wonderful lessons to learn on your b-day. You are an amazing woman! (And brave might I add- hanging out with a homeless man.... daring. Happy birthday again. :D Morgan

  3. That sounded like a great day. Happy Birthday!

  4. What a great day! We'll have to all celebrate Misiego style when we get a chance to all be together again soon...