Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Occasionally I DIY.

Actually, I DIY on a regular basis. There is something in me that needs to MAKE something all the time and since I don't allow myself to make desserts or breads or everything else I crave, I have to make things for the house. We are absolutely out of room for all of my DIY's.

So today while Mario (6 year old nephew) and Toad (3 year old nephew) were saving Me (Princess Peach) from the bad guys (Luigi...the Mister...was unavailable at the time) I was "locked in a cage" which luckily meant I got to work on a project for myself! Yahoo! I LOVE being locked in a cage when it means I get to sew!

I have had a darling blue shirt in my wardrobe for several years. It was one of those times in college when you've been up all night and realize around 4:00 am that you need some things for classes the next day so you run to Wal-Mart and the shelf stockers are filling up the shelves and on the newly stocked shelves is a wonderful $2 shirt that you wear for years and years to come. It's one of those.

Anyway, here it is at the beginning:

I just cut up lots of little silk hearts and sewed them on so that gravity made them fall exactly right. So fast and so easy! I ended up doing most of it by hand because my sewing machine was going through a mental breakdown...perhaps it was due to the ruckus Mario and Toad were making...

Here is the finished product. Skinny jeans, tall riding boots, and this lovely will be a good friend of mine all summer long!

It's like getting a new shirt without spending a dime!


  1. Darling! So where can I get one? Morgan

  2. what???? Unbelievable! That is so darn cute!

  3. You have an artistic flare! I would have gone to Dillards and paid (on sale) 20 bucks for something that cute!

  4. Is this where I leave my order??

  5. I'm so impressed that you could pull that off, especially with Mario and Toad running around! THANK YOU again for putting up with them!!!