Monday, May 2, 2011


Mister and I were completely spoiled with a trip to Hawaii at the very beginning of April! We loved every second of our time with our dearest friends Alane, Matthew, and Chloe. We had several "firsts" on this trip. Here are pictures of a couple of them.

Matthew REALLY wanted to go deep sea fishing. It was fun for a second but as we headed an hour into the wild blue yonder, and killer whales were swimming next to our teeny, tiny boat, it became much less fun. Between Mister, Chloe, and myself we managed to hurl 10 times. It was miserable. We couldn't get back to dry ground quick enough. The first two pictures are as the journey was just beginning and deep sea fishing was still fun. The last one features the fish that Matt and Chloe caught. We take ZERO credit for those.
Mister driving the boat
Chloe and me. Note: I did not wear makeup NOR did I do my hair one single time on the whole trip. What a luxury!

Every good vacation is just not complete without TOMS, right? You know me...TOMS for life. Here are some happy feet at Pearl Harbor.

Next, someone got it in their heads that we should have a surfing lesson. Wowzer. I have such huge amounts of respect for surfers. I have no idea how in the world they can stand up on those slippery things. It was probably the most comical experience of the trip. The Mister was quite impressive on those waves while I couldn't even stay on my board when I was laying down on it! Although, I had made the goal to just STAND UP for a few seconds and that's about all I managed to pull off. After my five second stint on the surf board, our instructors started cheering for me. It's kind of embarrassing when people make a huge deal over the fact that you stood up...on a board...for five seconds before being thrown off but I'll take all the applause I can get.

This was probably when the Mister was telling me that he needs to buy his own surf board. I reminded him that we live in the middle of a mountain range. Bad idea.

It just wouldn't be right if I didn't include the sorry fact that between all of us, we drank well over 30 pina coladas. Don't judge.


  1. Never apologize for great hair...especially when you don't have to 'do' it to have it look great. I'd so love love love to have some of your curly mop!

    Cindi Sainsbury

  2. Gorgeous as usual- can't believe you went surfing on that massive board! Or were you just joking? I hope so- because if you did stand up on that massive board- I would applaud you too! Looks like you had fun, (minus the fishing trip) I'm a tad jealous. Take me next time!

  3. Looks Like SO much fun!! Miss you guys lots!!!

  4. Sounds like an amazing trip, except for the fishing trip, of course! ;) I would have loved to see you both surfing! At least you gave it a shot - I'd be scared to death to even try!

  5. That surf board looks HUGE! I've never seen one so big. I'm kind of obsessed with the new movie, "Soul Surfer" right now... you might love it, having just gone to Hawaii. :) Anyway! Looks like loads of fun. I don't judge you at all. 30 Pina Coladas? no prob!