Sunday, May 1, 2011

the Royal Wedding

I was SO excited to see THE wedding dress of Miss Kate Middleton as the Royal Wedding approached. Considering I was so excited it was only natural that the power would go out for FOREVER so we had zero television and zero internet. I was going crazy. We tried to pull it up on Mister's phone and then it died because phones don't charge without electricity all night and morning. The suspense was killing me and when the lights finally came back on and I was able to turn on the tv, I obviously searched for a recap of the ceremony, dress, guests outfits, and everything in between. Naturally, I cried during the ceremony. Mister thought I was ridiculous. Truth be told, it doesn't matter who's getting married, I'll probably cry tears of joy for whoever they are and the Prince and Princess were no exception.
Love the dress. Classic and gorgeous.
I adore the Queen in yellow. How adorable is she?! Of course, Kate's mother and Camilla look quite stunning as well.
The pink dress on Princess Letizia is unreal. I'll take one in every color...on Prince Philip's credit card.
How odd. Nothing more to say.
Fruitcake for a wedding cake?!?! What an interesting tradition. I'll still stick with spice cake with cream cheese frosting...but thanks for asking.

The real question is what hat would you have worn if you had been in attendance? The choices are endless and oh-so-fun! I wish I would have required fancy hats at my wedding.

I have lots of hats to choose from.
I could wear this one that I made out of paper:
Or maybe this one:
Or maybe this one...accompanied by the stunning dress and ankle socks:
I guess it's a good thing I wasn't invited to the wedding. They would be making fun of my hat choices.

Maybe by the next Royal Wedding I'll have an invitation AND a few more hat options.
Here's to hoping.


  1. I seriously loved this. Mainly because my roommate was super obsessed with watching the Royal Wedding proceedings ALL NIGHT LONG. I fell asleep on the couch and the TV stayed on. I'd wake up every now and then to get glimpses of new updates. At 4 something in the morning my roommate was up and watching, alertly. A few hours later she was still watching. An ALL NIGHT affair! It was super interesting and I actually enjoyed it. Kate was beautiful and William was so handsome! And real, it seemed. As for the hats... thank you for not making us wear them at your reception. I probably wouldn't have come. loved your commentary!

  2. I had yet to see any royal wedding pictures (mostly cuz I didn't want to look) but thanks for posting and adding your personal flair when you comment. Love ya girl!

  3. I can't believe you were without power! That's a huge bummer. I just saw the recaps the next day, but it made me wish I'd seen the whole thing! I LOVED her dress and thought she handled herself SO well. And I had no idea hats were such a thing! I wonder how long until the trend trickles over here...