Wednesday, May 25, 2011


This post is dedicated to Lorie Otterstrom who is AWESOME...lets just get that out of the way.

I just finished watching The Biggest Loser Finale and it was AWESOME. I cried like a baby...I honestly couldn't control myself...serious sobbing. I had to work late last night which means I missed it live so I've had to avoid facebook and blogs for 24 hours so no one spoiled it for me. Thank heavens for

My new phone is AWESOME! I even have a PUSH UP COACH app. From not being able to do any pushups, I can now do 8 in a row. (Those are not girl pushups...those are full-on man/on-the-toes pushups.) You betcha. I'm proud of myself. I'll keep you posted on how well my push up coach does for me.

The end of the school year is AWESOME! I have loved teaching all my 107 rugrats and I am going to miss them, but I am sooooo ready to not have to work until really late every day. Having dinner before 10 pm is going to be a real luxury.

I am in the AWESOMEST class ever at BYU right now. It is called Physical Education for Elementary Teachers. So far we've been taught how to skip, gallop, hula hoop, jump rope, dribble a soccer ball, play volleyball, and I am the best darn speed walker in the class. They call me Granny Annie for my great speed walking skills. What an accomplishment. In all seriousness, I've actually learned that I'm kind of athletic. I never thought I had a lick of athletic ability in my whole body but this class has taught me otherwise. I no longer run away when a ball is thrown at me, my arms are covered in bruises from hitting a volleyball for 45 minutes straight today, and I get to go and be treated like a 3rd grader every single morning. What could be better than being forced to revert back to childhood?

These cupcakes are AWESOME. I made four dozen today and it was a really great choice. 153 calories each cupcake? Yes please. Remember how one red velvet cupcake from Sprinkles in CA is 497 calories? Ouch. BIG ouch remembering that one time that Nikki and I bought 3 and ate them all immediately. I can't even talk about it.

The most AWESOME thing about my life right now is how much I'm learning. I'm learning lots about teaching, lots about sports, lots from great books, lots from being married to the most patient man in the world, and even though I'm no spring chicken, I am learning lots about myself every day. Can you imagine thinking for 25 years that you are completely uncoordinated and completely embarrassing in every sport and then you find out that you are actually kind of good at sports? It's been quite invigorating to learn something so new about myself. Stay tuned for more.

And while we're at it...all of you who didn't pick me for your kick ball team in Elementary School and all of you who wanted to be paired up with me at the track and field meet because you knew you could win....I blame you for all of this. Because of you I doubted myself and subsequently never applied myself to anything more active than dance class and the gym. I probably could have lettered in soccer or something (ok, now I'm REALLY pushing it).

Finally, the reason this post is named AWESOME and the reason it is being really overused is because I've found that I say it way too often in my life and it is losing it's meaning. Hang around me for long and you'll learn that you're AWESOME when you show up on time. I'll tell you you're AWESOME when you sing well in class. I'll tell you you "look AWESOME" and I'll probably tell you you are AWESOME instead of telling you THANK YOU. So, I had to use it lots in this post because I am leaving this silly word of the 80s and 90s behind me.

Goodbye AWESOME.


  1. No need to say goodbye, I use it all the time and so does Ethan!

  2. You'll love the PE class! The next one, if you take 375, is so much fun! I just got to teach 1st graders p.e. the last 3 weeks and it was a blast! I was even lucky enough to have little cousin Calvin in my class! :)

  3. SO fun to find you live in the blog-o-sphere! It will be so very fun to follow your thoughts and doings, because 15 minutes here or there just isn't enough now, is it?!