Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Project Runway

For our Young Women's activity tonight we had PROJECT RUNWAY! We all know how much I love that show so I was so excited to get to have our own! I got to be Tim Gunn. I got lots of good practice at saying "Designers..." and "Carry on." My dream come true.

Tape and newspaper.

3 girls each

10 minutes to create each outfit

The process:
Linda and Mechaella (Can you believe she is one of the leaders and not one of the young women?!?!)
The teams:
Denika, Angela, and Nancy
Dayanh, Sofia, and Sabrina
Linda, Mechaella, and Aidelin

The results:
MODEST Prom dresses
School clothes: (plus a lovely little hat)
Such a fun night! We laughed our heads off and were amazed at the creativity of the girls! Next stop: Lifetime Channel

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  1. we did one of these with beehives: 'Say Yes to theTemple Dream Dress'..
    Lotsa toilet paper but very versatile. ended with tons of cute ideas and had a runway pageant. The leaders helped each team and they could use white tape....I'll send you the pics if you ever want to use that. Cindi Sainsbury