Saturday, July 9, 2011

Friends, Memories, and Not Sleeping

Hello again friends. While we've been away, we've made lots of new friends, many fun memories, and haven't slept much at all. That's what summer is all about, right? Here's a recap of what's been going on.

The last week of June I was able to be a counselor for the BYU Summer Camp Summer Scholars. I had 9 Taiwanese girls and 4 Americans. I grew to love these girls so dearly.

My cute Taiwanese girls had never made/eaten a s'more before! Can you imagine?!?!?!

The same day that Summer Scholars ended was the Mister's Birthday. Here is a peek into birthdays around our house.

We do THREE things for our birthdays. The birthday person gets to pick out a birthday SHIRT, a birthday BOOK, and is required to do something RELAXING.

You'll see the Mister's birthday SHIRT in a later picture. Here is the birthday boy picking out his birthday BOOK (which ended up being birthday bookS. He just couldn't decide.) He chose "La Ladrona de Libros" and something else that I can't remember because it's in Spanish.

Then, believe it or not, I convinced the Mister to get a pedicure! No nail polish, naturally, but he LOVED the massage chairs and the cute lady who massaged his feet and legs. He's a believer. It was lovely to sit next to each other, hold hands, and be pampered. (He might kill me for exposing the fact that he had a pedicure. Don't make fun of him.)

His birthday also included seeing "Cars 2", eating at Red Lobster, and watching the fireworks from Stadium of Fire. It was a perfect day.

We stretched out the celebrations by celebrating with our families the next day. We had a picnic in the canyon complete with pulled pork sandwiches, beet salad, chips, old fashioned bottled sodas and my new favorite...s'mores on a stick.
The kids loved them too!
Then the big surprise was revealed. A new bike for the Mister! He loved riding around sporting his new birthday shirt and his new pink shoes. Geez, I love him.
As if all this wasn't enough, the next day was the 4th of July! We celebrated the night before by riding up and down University Avenue on our bikes and chatting with all the enthusiastic people who were camping out all night for the parade the next day. We ran into lots of friends and even made some new ones.

July 4th we started the morning off by riding our bikes to the hospital to watch the hot air balloons go up into the air which was followed by a Sonic stop (needless to say) and more bike riding to meet up with the cousins for the parade.

We finished the day with a hot dog roast and losing power in our apartment (for the third time in two months. This apartment is awesome! Stories to come.)

The very next day we took off on a road trip with Mark and Erin in the back seat to Sun Valley, Idaho...Our new heaven. We caravaned with Mom and Dad while Ross, Michelle, Ethan, and Adele met us there the next day. We rode the ski lifts up to the tops of the mountains to overlook God's beauty, we rented tandem bikes and rode all over town, we watched lots of movies, did our fair share of swimming and hot tubbing, and had many great conversations in the sauna. Hooray for family time.

We even drank organic Root Beer. I think I'll stick with the good, old, sugar-y stuff :)
Perhaps my most favorite part of the trip was seeing where my dad grew up! We made a little stop in Paul, Idaho where dad spent most of his childhood. Here is his childhood home:
Here is his piano teachers house:
And his best friends house:
And finally his grandparents house where the whole family would spend the holidays. One bathroom, two bedrooms, unfinished basement, 70+ people. Ho Ho Ho. Merry Christmas.
Sun Valley kicks back in style. Pink patio furniture in the middle of town? Don't mind if I do.
On top of the world!
The best part of being married? Having the perfect someone to take adventures with. The Mister is the and I couldn't ask for anything more.

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