Thursday, June 23, 2011


There has been lots of making going on around here. Please remember that I don't have a cool camera, I'm not a self-proclaimed photographer, and that my android phone camera is as good as it's going to get. Just keep that in mind :)

Lovely forever friend (whether she likes it or not) had a birthday on Saturday. Of course she was out of town, which was rude, but when she flew in Sunday night this little lovely was waiting for her. Making your own whiteboards is the best idea ever. It's WAAAAY better than an actual white board which is...well...white. Blah.

For Father's Day I got to make a shirt for my brother-in-law with my beautiful nieces profile. I love it. Maily kept pointing to the shirt and informing everyone that it was her. Of course she still says her own name "MyMee" but we got the idea.

I can't get my computer to switch around the order of the pictures right now. Annoying. Anyway, this is the hallway white board I made for our house! It is perfect for the trillions of wedding announcements we are getting in the mail. It will come in handy when chore charts need to be written for the children.
And here is the proud papa and the star of the t-shirt. She was thrilled to have her picture.
Sorry this is so out of order. Wow. Not my best post.


  1. LOVE the 'white' boards!! I want one now!! Although I think it would be neat to somehow make it able to have magnets! Your so crafty

  2. Wow Annalece they are all so good!

  3. Love the white boards!!! I just made my own chalkboards this week and with a little ribbon and a few buttons (just a couple of my favorite things) they turned out so cute! I love your crafty ideas. I will have to put them to use.

  4. I would like to peek around the corner and see your house!

  5. That shirt is so awesome!! I showed Casey the bleach shirts that you made and he got all excited and wants to make some with me. A craft we can do together?! Fun stuff. Thanks for showing him crafting is cool :)