Thursday, September 15, 2011


We really like outside.  Especially right now.  We really like all of the rainstorms that are frequenting our lives (almost daily) and we love the smell that comes afterwards.
We are loving the beautiful roses that are growing in the back yard.  We were told that the original owners of this home, Joe and Dorothy, had the most beautiful rose garden in all of Albuquerque.  Unfortunately, whoever bought the house next allowed almost everything to die including all of the grass in the backyard and all of the amazing rose bushes.  We managed to nurse two rose bushes partially back to health.  One bush only produced one rose but this rose bush is looking really good!  I think Joe and Dorothy would be thrilled.
Finally, I'm enjoying this silly mushroom.  He's kind of huge.  He is going to be killed very soon but I thought I'd enjoy him while he's here.  He is growing out of a tree stump in the front yard.  Who even knew they could do that?

Yep. Outside is very nice here.  Did I mention that we have the perfect temperatures?  Cool at night and not too hot during the day.  A normal high of 70-something.  Love it.


  1. I love the random mushroom. :) And I love that you made it a "he." Glad things are going well for you guys down there! The Misiegos and Toones miss you. :)

  2. SO fun!!! I love 70 degree weather!