Tuesday, November 29, 2011

So there's...

So there's a 4 inch cockroach on the floor. Actually, he's not there anymore because I just swept him out the front door. I'll be honest. I can't kill them. The crunch sound they make makes me throw up. And I would like to verify that the ugly thing really was 4 inches because I had never seen such a large insect in all my life so I measured it. I hate that thing. That was really rude of him to disrupt my decorating.

Speaking of decorating, there are pumpkins on the table, pilgrims in the window sill, and 60 degrees outside, but the tree is up! We're all kinds of confused in this house right now.
Happy Everything!
I just found out that one of my friends is having a GIRL! She just found out today. I can't even imagine the shopping spree I would feel like I needed to go on after finding out I was having a girl. Yikes. The nice thing about babies? They look good in everything so you could buy absolutely everything you thought was cute because that little nugget would look like a dream boat in even the ugliest patterns and weirdest styles. That would be nice.

Hopefully the next post will showcase a fully Christmas-ified house! I'd better get to work because we have visitors coming coming into town TOMORROW! This Thanksgiving/Christmas deal will just not do.

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  1. Remember that cockroach we found in the bathroom at our host's house in Beaumont, TX. We couldn't kill that one either. We scooped it up in two plastic cups and flung it outside. I think that's the only cockroach I've ever seen.