Sunday, December 4, 2011


I couldn't believe that it was truly snowing in Albuquerque. How fun!!! Last night, the Mr. and I went to the Uptown outdoor mall to have a little dinner at CPK. Walking the streets filled with lit-up trees and Christmas music blaring and the most beautiful, big snowflakes falling from the sky was such a romantic little date for us! It really was wonderful and dreamy and the BBQ chicken salad I had at CPK was pretty wonderful too. Yum.

The view from the front window. That is Jane's house. We love her.
What a terrible picture of such a lovely Christmas tree! We love our Christmas tree. We spend lots of time during the holidays sitting on the couches just staring at the pretty lights and colors. Something about that just really relaxes me. I used to do the same thing in my parents home. Some things never change.
Mom and Dad came for a lovely visit. I got to participate in a Christmas concert this week with the Albuquerque LDS stake. I even got to sing a Dad naturally had to come down and play the piano for me. It was so much fun. I'm really sad the concert is over. We've been practicing for two months and it was so much fun to get ready for it. Our friend Tamara took a video of my song so maybe I'll post it someday soon.

Here are the two news anchors: Javi and Dad. Seriously, my dad is a natural. He could seriously do it.
These pictures are really overdue but I just had to share. Javi's job provides lots of random dates for us. This date included FREE TICKETS to the Monster Truck Rally! We laughed our heads off the whole time. It was fun to see so many people so passionate about Monster Trucks! It was surprisingly very fun.
One of the biiiiiiig trucks:
In other news, we are moving. We just found out that we have to be out of this place by January 8th. I'm feeling very grateful that we get to stay here through Christmas and then we will make a quick transition before I start my Masters degree the next week! We have found a really great apartment that is right in our price range and we are thrilled about it. We've been looking at homes and apartments for three months now, almost constantly since we moved here, and we haven't felt this good about any other place. It even has a big swimming pool, fitness room, laundry facilities on site (sorry, that means my laundromat stories are coming to an end) and the apartment is 1,126 square feet! It is so big that is feels like a home, not an apartment. We are feeling very excited and grateful that we found this place.

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  1. I'm so glad you guys found a good apartment! What a relief! It was so fun to see you both over Thanksgiving! Christmas will be even better!