Monday, January 30, 2012

Dear Baby:

We switched doctors.  You are going to love this new doctor.  His name is Dr. Rowe and he is really nice and his office is a Spa.  That makes Mommy very, very happy.  He gave us so much information (infact, he gave us far more information in one appointment than we got in all of our appointments combined with the midwife).  He poked you a lot and he taught your Daddy right where you are so that he can poke you too.  Daddy loved feeling you in my belly.  Dr. Rowe also gave us the awesome blessing of seeing you for the first time!  He did our very first ultrasound and THERE YOU WERE you little wiggly worm!  You moved and danced the whole time.  We couldn't even get you to hold still for a second.  Just when I thought that that moment couldn't get any better, Adele came on the overhead sound system.  You see, Adele is a singer that I really love.  So, while I looked at my sweet baby, I also got to listen to some super soothing music and watch your daddy scramble to the screen with his phone to take a picture.

You were being such a wiggly that we couldn't see your gender, not to mention you were in a super weird (and uncomfortable looking) position.  But the great news is that early on Thursday morning we get to go find out if you are a little boy child or a little girl child.  A Mini-Mister or a Little-Lady if you will.  The suspense is killing me.  One thing is for sure, you are a good little secret keeper.  You were just so sneaky today!

I am going to be so excited whatever you may be.  Everyone keeps asking "do you want a boy or a girl?"  I can honestly say that your Daddy and I have no preference whatsoever.  We are so excited for ANYTHING!

So, I'll patiently wait for the next 58 hours until the secret is revealed.  Actually, I won't be very patient at all.

Love, Mommy

P.S. your Daddy is a rockstar.  You are going to love him.  I do.


  1. So cute. And I'm so excited for you. My guess is a girl. Just because. Even if I'm wrong, which I very well could be, I love little boys. Ultrasounds are the BEST!

  2. Annie! When are you due?? I'm due July 2nd (with my 4th). We just found out we are having our 3rd son..haha I guess my little girl will be a spoiled princess..Anyways I love reading your blog. You and your husband will be great parents and it will probably be one really talented baby you have!! Congrats and I hope everything goes well in your pregnancy.

  3. Finding out the gender was the most exciting part of being pregnant -- I am SO happy for you!

  4. I love reading your blog- and miss you guys! You're an adorable mom- to-be and Javi will be the best daddy ever! I'll be looking forward to hearing if there's a mini-mister or a little lady (cute!) =)

  5. Yay!!! I'm sorry you have to wait longer, but at least you can count down the hours now until you find out! Our little guy was super wiggly too and in very awkward positions. The doctor jiggled my belly so much to get him to move I even worried a little, and then he had me get up and walk around a bit sometime in the middle to see if that would help. Thankfully it did, because I don't think we would have been able to come back so soon! I'm so excited for you and Javi!!! We'll be anxiously awaiting the news. And here you thought you'd be able to wait the full 9 months to find out... ;) I think the half-way mark is the perfect time for the gender surprise, and then you get the surprise of actually seeing what he/she looks like at the end!

  6. Oh!!!! I can't wait to find out what you're having! I can't believe you're already that far along. Sad. I haven't even seen you pregnant yet. Send me some picture mail!!! :) Let me know what you're having ASAP! Love you.