Saturday, January 28, 2012

Picture mail is my favorite.

Picture mail really is my favorite.  Living so far away from so many people that I love means that picture mail has become even more meaningful to me.

Picture mail is FAR more informational than most emails and texts.

For example:  
Picture mail can let you know when one of your BFF's gets proposed to...and what she said in response:
Picture mail can let you know that your adorable niece Maily likes to pretend she's a doggy:
Picture mail can show you where your dearest Jeanette is at for dinner and that she is thinking of you as she stuffs her race with Outback's raspberry butter (because we do that):
Picture mail can also show you that your girl Lyric got new shoes.  Courtesy of her cute boyfriend (now fiance):
It can also showcase baby girl's first ponytail.  Way to go Addie!
And it is especially awesome when your parents are in NY and they venture across the city to the restaurant that one of the dearest friends you've ever had is now managing.  How I wish I could have been there eating the delicious zucchini soup and visiting with my dearest Em.

I love picture mail.  
I would like to kiss whoever came up with it.

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  1. Oh man I look tired, but I'm so happy to have had a moment with your folks that was picture mail worthy. Soup and sandwiches and Mint Lemonade (organic, fresh) is waiting for you.