Friday, March 23, 2012

You guys are so nice.

I know that you are so nice because you put up with the WORST quality pictures EVER and you still read my blog.  You're so nice.  Ready for more horrible quality pictures?  Oh good.

Here's the thing.  "I just have a lot of feelings" (name that movie) and all of them are random so brace yo'self.

It is spring here.  I love it.  Tonight, as the sun was setting, the twins and I sat out on lawn chairs  and soaked up the sun (and 80 degrees) in our sunglasses and with our water bottles in hand.  I told them we were working on our tans.  They had no idea what that meant.  Sometimes I forget they're only three (mostly because they say things like "You have great ideas, Annie" and "I really appreciate that"  and occasional potty words).  Anyway it's pretty here and I just have one question:  WHEN IS THE POOL GOING TO OPEN!?!?  I may take up permanent residency there for the next three months.
I made this quilt.  No, seriously, I really did.  It was my first attempt at making a quilt and it was rather successful.  Too bad I don't get to keep it for myself cuz I really, really love it.
Coming back to NM from UT this was my carry-on.  I looked down at one point during the flight and realized how weird it was to carry your hand mixer with you on the plane.  I'm surprised they didn't consider it a weapon.  I could probably do some serious damage to some chick's hair with that hand mixer.  
My family knows me and loves me.  To celebrate my 26th birthday (which was a few days ago) I was showered with the gift of time.  I love watches so much.  I wear one every single day.  The good thing about always wearing a watch is that you always know that you're always late.  What a blessing.
Apparently I need to clear something up.  When I was in Utah I kept getting asked "How is Mexico?"  Like, it happened over and over and over.  Let me demonstrate the difference between OLD Mexico and NEW Mexico.

Old Mexico: real facial hair, happy, handmade sombrero
New Mexico: fake mustache, uni-brow, sombrero from the Dollar Tree
 I guess I can see where you'd get confused.  For the record, we live in the one with uni-brows and fake facial hair.  It is, in fact, in the United States of America...contrary to popular belief.

Next item of business: I'm not really into mean people.  I'm also not really into people who get on facebook and make negative comments on your status updates, new pictures, etc.  I guess I just don't understand why in the world someone would do that.  Any ideas?  

You may have already seen this on my fb status but this conversation happened today in my 1st grade class.
Girl 1: I like how your bangs are pinned back.
Me: Thanks.
Girl 2: I don't like to pin my bangs back because my mom says it makes me look like my daddy.
Girl 1: Well, I don't know what your dad looks like, so...
Girl 2: Well...let me tell you...he smokes.
*Dead Silence*
Me: I don't get it. 

So, there you have it.  Thanks for sticking with me.  Maybe someday I'll be reincarnated into the girl with the blog AND the good pictures.  Until then, thanks for not judging me by my aesthetically pleasing photography ;)

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