Monday, March 26, 2012

The girls I love.

If you didn't see the button in the sidebar you possibly don't know that I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (in other words...I'm a Mormon).  In our church there are several different organizations just so that everyone gets what they need (meaning Sunday instruction, weekday activities, etc.)  The adult women are in an organization called the Relief Society.  The girls ages 12-18 are apart of the Young Women organization and girls 3-11 are apart of an organization called Primary.  Each organization teaches us what we need for the specific places we are in our lives.  (The men are split up similarly as well.  For more information you can visit

Since getting married nearly 18 months ago, I have received the calling (or the responsibility) to work with the lovely ladies in the Young Women's organization.  Before moving to NM, I worked with some darlings in a Spanish ward in Provo, UT.  You may remember them from here.  Or maybe you remember their dance performance here.  Oh, how I love those ladies.

Upon moving to New Mexico I was immediately called as a counselor in the Young Women's presidency again and I was so excited.  I have come to love these girls as quickly as I came to love the last crew.  We have had so many fun experiences and opportunities and I look forward to many, many more.
Visiting the news station.

An evening at the Opera.  The girls got all dressed up and I proceeded to bawl through most of the opera "Suor Angelica".  It was so beautiful.  What sophisticated ladies...going to the Opera and all :)

I'm so proud of these girls.  Oooooh how I love them!
Well, the adventure of working in a Spanish ward all but blew up in my face yesterday when I received a calling that scares me right to death.  I will now be serving as the president of the Young Women's organization.  It is very possible that I have never felt more incapable of anything in my whole life.  I mean, this is a job for grown ups.  This is a job for the kind of people with lots of experience and it is certainly the job for someone who speaks Spanish since we go to a Spanish ward!  I spent some time this afternoon writing an email message to my Mission President (the man that presided over my missionary work in New York) because only then, as a new missionary, unsure of what in the world was I doing, does that even remotely compare to how I feel now.

It has made me think of how every person in the history of the world has felt who has been asked to do something that was COMPLETELY outside of their comfort zone.  I mean, really, I'm not the first person to be afraid of something or scared of coming up short or not being qualified for the job I've been asked to do.  So, this is my pep-talk to myself.   It made me remember this lovely quote I found on pinterest long ago
Um..ok.  I'll believe you.  So, here I am, jumping off the cliff that ended my comfort zone and I'm ready to fly and I'm ready to fall.  I will undoubtedly do some of the first and lots of the latter.


  1. Oh Annie, you'll be so great! You obviously love those girls so much. That's half (or more) of it already right there. You already know and live the gospel. And the administrative kind of stuff will come. :) You are so awesome. I love and miss you! Best of luck in your exciting new calling!

  2. You are going to be amazing! What a lucky group of girls. -Melissa Lee