Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dear baby: it's been 30 weeks

Dear Baby Girl:

You have officially been growing for 30 weeks!  
That is 210 days and 5,040 hours.  
That sounds like a really long time to be trapped inside someone's tummy.  
You ok in there?

I feel like you must be ok because you are kicking me quite forcefully right now.  
Yesterday was one of my favorite days with you because daddy and I found a little hand or foot of yours at the very top of my belly and we pinched the teeny thing between our fingers.  
For that, I suppose I deserved all of the kicking I got for the rest of the day.
You also make me giggle because you really recognize your daddy's voice.  
He is always talking to you and singing to you.  
Lately, when your daddy puts his cheek on my belly you show him your best soccer moves. 
Every.  Single.  Time.  
Of course, he has to sing to you first.  
You definitely don't show off your moves for just anyone, but for daddy, it's for sure every time.

Daddy makes sure that I know that you are going to be a daddy's girl.  
It's probably true.
You are going to adore him.
He's already planning the weekend dates he's going to take you on.
Sometimes will you remind him to invite me?

I've finally started "prepping" for you.  
The first item of business?  
Buy a mom car.  
That's why I included this picture:
Our new mom car.  
I'm kidding.  
Baby girl, that is a PORSCHE and those things don't just grow on trees.
Nope.  Nope.  Nope.  
You and I will be rockin' the Accord until there get to be too many of us to fit.
Sound good?

I have started the diaper collection.
I hear we'll be needing a few of those.
So far we've got three boxes but don't worry, I've still got 10 more weeks to add to the stash (and with the new Sam's Club card that your Nana got for us last weekend, we'll be hitting the Pampers sales every week!).
At my last doctor appointment, he officially freaked me out about drinking enough water.
Enter: the Brita Filter Bottle.
I begin to have anxiety if I happen to leave home without it.
Also at the doctor, I got to meet the wife of my OB who just so happens to be your pediatrician.  
I fell in love with her.  
You will too.  
She and her husband will be there when you're born.  
They are so excited to meet you!  
Here they are.
Dr. Lui and Dr. Rowe
You'll see these faces possibly before you'll even see  mine!
They are sweet, wonderful people.
I have also been prepping for you by splattering/spilling everything and anything on my baby bump.  
Super cool.  
This is just after making cupcakes.  
10 points I'd say.

Also, I've been eating so much watermelon.
I'm beginning to wonder if I'm going to birth a baby or a watermelon.
I seriously have an addiction.
(I guess I remembered to tell you that because my belly looks like a watermelon in the above picture.)

Baby girl, have I mentioned to you that your daddy is European?  
He likes small cars.  
He hopes that someday this will be his.  
At the Auto Show last weekend (that we had free tickets to because daddy did a story for them), he was sure to analyze every car he liked to make sure that there would be room for a car seat in the back seat.  Always thinking of his baby girl.

In other preparations, I've been preparing to teach you how to be a lady.
I've been reading and re-reading this book and laughing my head off, but learning grand things as well.
I'm overwhelmed by the unladylike acts of so many women in this world.  
Lets try to steer clear of that, ok?
I know you will come to this earth as lovely as the day is long and I promise to do my best to help you stay that way.

I've also been thinking about how I can teach you to LOVE.  
Love is a really glorious thing.
Loving someone.
Being loved by someone.
Loving people that you hardly even know.
Loving those who may hurt our feelings.
Feeling love for those who need it most.
Even loving those that we least want to love.
It's all grand and I believe there's no room in our hearts for anything BUT love.
Hearts are small.
We'd better fill them wisely.

We are in for some grand adventures, little one.  
I hope you're ready.
Personally, I couldn't be happier.

Love, Mommy


  1. Love this letter- you need to print them all off for your journal. Can't believe you've hit 30 weeks! Very exciting stuff. Do you have a name for the little lady?? Just curious. :D ps. you are very, very smart collecting on the diapers. Word of advice- collect size two and three (costco bulk size)- kids are in them the longest. And wait on collecting any more of newborn and size one- kids grow through them too quickly to need them in bulk. Happy cook'n!

  2. Annalece!!! This is the most precious thing I've ever laid eyes on. I wanna be half the mamma you're about to be.

  3. So cute!!! I need to save your letters and have Ari read them too someday. :) I love your polka dot dress! And I need to looking into getting a Brita water bottle! Only 10 more weeks to go!! (Which hopefully goes by faster than it sounds...)

  4. You are adorable and you are going to be an awesome little Mom. The little Princess is so blessed to have such wise and loving parents. You put me to shame. Keep the spirit up, she will be here before you know it. What colors are you using for the nursery? Good luck and God bless you every step of the way. Love You

  5. Annalece, you look AMASING!!!

  6. This is perfect. Also, I may or may not be compelled to comment on all your baby related posts/Instagrams. You've been warned. I'm freaking out for you a bit- being a mom is amazing and I personally think baby girls are the way to start :) the 10 week countdown is so fun!! All the best. You look fabulous.

  7. OK - That's my favorite post of yours by FAR! Such sweet words. That baby is going to be one lucky girl! Annie - I so wish I would be here next weekend to see you, but I am heading down to Utah for Women's Conference. So sad!!! For sure next time - OK? xoxoKate

  8. I am so happy for you Annalece! You look beautiful!

  9. you are just beautiful! i am so excited for you and your sweet baby girl!!!

  10. What a beautiful letter to your baby girl. Your little princess will be here soon. We’re so excited for you! And, we’re glad that your Nana bought you a Sam’s Club Membership. Let us know if we can answer any questions about your new Membership and feel free to visit our Mom’s Corner at SamsClub.com/Baby. Best wishes! – Ramona from Sam’s Club