Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Some days

Some days you go out to your car, in an attempt to be on time to class, and you discover that someone took a screwdriver (or some other harmful device) to your locks and you realize you can't get in your car.
You think about how rude that is.

Then you go inside and call your husband.  He doesn't answer.

You call your mom.  She doesn't answer.

You call your dad who spends his life in meetings and usually can't answer but he does!  And poor dad has to listen to you hold back your tears whilst you talk about feeling violated and what you're going to do since you're stranded at home and missing your class that you lose a half a letter grade on every time you miss it.  (it was probably a big old blessing that he was the one to answer the phone considering that he has an incredible habit of speaking peace to my soul)

Bless that sweet dad.  

Then you call the Honda Dealership and they don't have time for you until tomorrow.

Then you think you can crawl through the trunk but you remember that you're pregnant and probably don't fit.  You were right.

Then sweet husband races home from the station to crawl through the trunk for you.
He's so nice.

And then you eat a leftover Reese's peanut butter Egg and everything is ok again
 (except that you still don't have locks on your car...minor detail)

Some days are just like that.
That would be today.


  1. I am so sorry...peanut butter can usually fix almost anything! -Melissa