Monday, April 30, 2012

Finals and Trips

I'm in finals.
Finals are not that fun.
Each class has several finals.
I'm having anxiety over the final tomorrow in which I have to verbally share my knowledge for 20 minutes straight in a round table discussion setting as if I were presenting at a conference.
I have pregnant brain.
I forget the simplest words and that's why I'm in a panic about tomorrow.
Actually, I think I have a sick stomach just thinking about it.
I do.

Luckily I had the best weekend in Utah visiting some of my favorite people.
Luckily I have lots of fabulous pictures to make me very happy despite my nervousness for tomorrow.

I would dare say that the best part of the weekend was spending almost every second with my sweet mom and talking about anything and everything under the sun.
She is the greatest.
 She is headed to South Africa tomorrow to meet up with my dad and that will certainly put a big huge barrier in the way of our call/text/picture mail each other several times a day kind of habit.
Bummer dude.
I'm going to be sad.

While visiting home, this kid graduated from college.
Off they go to med school in Arizona!
(Do you recognize his wife?  Kandas from Kamrielle Scarves?  Did I forget to mention she's married to my cousin?)

Their son provided loads of entertainment for us at the graduation party.
Here he is after requesting "Baby" over and over again.
Those headphones just might take over.

Here is the best picture from the graduation.
Cutest little Cohan.
I sent this to his daddy (another cousin) via Instagram and his response was:
"I'm not sure who looks more bored...Cohan or my mom."
Typical Brian comment.

Also while in Utah I got to meet the sweetest little angel.
Our new nephew Owen Jose Misiego.

While Owen had his afternoon feast, I got to play with Owen's siblings.

I love them so much.  We sure miss them when we live so far away.

Mom and I also drove the five hours to Jackson to pay a quick visit to the high school production of My Fair Lady.  Matthew did a great job and we enjoyed the time in the car with pistachios, Diet Cokes, and Hershey's Kisses.
Oh ya, then we lost the keys to the car in Walmart in Evanston and it put our trip back just a wee bit.  
We love those kinds of moments.

We experienced winter in Wyoming and we were MORE  than thrilled to drive away from it and back into Spring.
Thank heavens that wasn't permanent.

Then we raced to church so mom could teach and I could sing.
Then we raced to the airport and miraculously made it in enough time.
They didn't even bother me about the HUGE carry-on items I stumbled through the airport with.
Then I got two seats to myself and the flight attendant kept my cup of ice full. 

 Perfect end to a perfect trip.

Just had to include some Sky Mall favorites.  That magazine is really getting crazy.

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