Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dear Baby:

With a mere 9 days until your ETA I'm starting to feel all sentimental and dramatic about this period of time ending.
Tonight, I stood in the full-length mirror and stared at the skin that you are currently hiding behind.
I watched you stretch and kick that skin for a very long time.
Even if I were pregnant for 10 years with you, watching that movement would never get old.
As I watched you move all around (especially poking out of my right side like you've been doing since you flipped yourself around over a month ago) I laughed and sorta cried a little.
I am going to miss having you inside of me.
You've become my constant.
With all the long hours your Papi works, I've never felt lonely because I had you there practicing your kicks and running your hands and feet along the inside of my belly.
Two nights ago you were tap dancing.
No joke.
I was laying on my right side (the side where your feet are) and your Papi had his hands under that side of my belly and you put on quite the show.
We laughed in amazement at the pitter-patter and tap-tap-tap of those happy feet which continued for quite some time.
You are a silly little thing.
I hope you dance like your daddy.
He does the silliest dances and I can't wait to hear your little giggle as Papi entertains us for the rest of eternity.
Your crazy mom has started having the strangest little panic moments.
They generally revolve around the toilets not being cleaned before we go to the hospital,
my fingernails not being painted,
the fact that I still haven't packed a hospital bag,
the car not being clean for your arrival,
unwaxed eyebrows,
leaving for the hospital with a pile of ironing to do...
Being a non-anxiety filled person, this has really thrown me for a loop.
Perhaps it's just that this is the biggest moment of my life and I don't even know exactly when it's going to happen!
I just want to be fully prepared for my little nugget.
Couldn't you just whisper to me what day you'll be coming so I can make sure I get these bush-man eyebrows under control by then? (and the toilets, the ironing, the car, blah, blah, blah)
We've lived here in New Mexico for 10 months now,
9 of which I've been carrying you.
You are in every detail of our time here.
Infact, you've been on my mind since we drove that Penske truck into town and here I am, about to finally meet you.
Be patient with me little one.
I've been waiting for the opportunity to be a mommy for a long, long time and I just hope I'll be good at it.
I promise that even if I'm horrible at 
bath time,
diaper changing, 
and everything else,
just know that I'm enamored with you.

I've been waiting 26 years for my BFF to come to town and now you're almost here and I have butterflies.
Your Mommy
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  1. Oh, Annalece! I loved this post! I felt the exact same way about my nails, hair, car being cleaned, blah blah blah . . . in fact, I had several of those things scheduled for the very day I ended up in the hospital having my little guy. (He came at 38 weeks so I was totally caught off guard!) So there I am in all of my hospital pictures with mousey blonde hair, bushy eyebrows, boring nails, etc. etc. etc., and the sweetest little baby in the world. And it was perfectly wonderful just as it was. :-)

    Best of luck, lady. I sure do love you and hope that everything goes beautifully and that that little girl of yours makes her grand appearance soon! :-)

  2. I'm so excited for you! The moment I saw Mack is still the most spiritual, rewarding, awe-inspiring, happy, heart warming experience I have ever had. He was a familiar little stranger. I knew him, but I was just laying eyes on him. I still get butterflies just thinking of that little moment. I can't wait for you to meet your little, sweet baby.

    By the way, that last picture is gorgeous. I hope it's framed in your house somewhere. I love it!

  3. that looks a little creepy that it came through on DJ's account... that was me. :)

  4. So sweet. Best of luck and I hope she's just early enough that you get your to do list done, but nothing more! I totally feel you on wanting to have everything in its place. I hate coming home from somewhere to a cluttered house. We'll see where motivation levels are this time next month! Can't wait for you to meet her! As everyone has said, it's amazing and you'l be amazing. All my love and best wishes!

  5. Good luck! I have loved reading your posts about pregnancy and meeting your little girl. The morning I went into labor with my little girl I had a hair appointment. I still went! I sat in the chair watching the clock and my friend was so stressed that my water was going to break in her chair! When we finished my contractions were 5 min apart. I had my bundle of joy 5 hours later! :)

    Can't wait to see pictures!

  6. This was beautiful Annie! You'll be a great mother, and this little chicka is awfully lucky to have you :) Best wishes with your delivery and I can't wait to see pictures and hear your stories in the weeks to come.

  7. Aww Annie, how beautiful!! You are going to make the perfect mommy. I can't wait to finally see her! Hope to see the whole family soon, too. <3 Xoxo, Lizzie and the whole Sider fam :)

  8. Annie you are going to be a fantastic Mom!I have been there four times and it never gets less awe inspiring! I can't wait to see that beautiful girl with her beautiful parents!
    The Kinleys