Monday, June 11, 2012

A trippy

Going on a 10 day trip to Utah was precisely what this chick, her hubby, and their hyperactive baby bump needed.
Five major reasons for going:
The wedding of Lane Olsen...aka the other Boothe brother.
Baby blessing for Baby Owen...our nephew.
The wedding of Jeanette of my best friends in the whole world.
and two baby showers.

We are lucky folks.


Lane spent so many nights growing up sleeping at our house that I started to wonder if he really was my brother.
All my life he walked in the front door without knocking (no matter the time, day or night)
and when he got his driver's license, he would take me with him to the 7-11 in Springville to get Coke Slushees.
So, big brother #3.

He married sweet little.....TEENY TINY....Jenna and their wedding was the party of the century.
I've never been to a crazier or more successful wedding dance party in my life.
At eight months pregnant, I danced for the whole hour and a half and didn't even go into labor.
We are not talking small dancing here.
The best part?  My whole family was there.
I danced the night away with Javi, Ross, Mark, Michelle, Erin, Lane, and our new sis Jenna.
The parentals stood by and took hilarious video of us looking like fools.
Friday night wedding dinner.
In our church it is custom, when an infant is born, to give them a name and a blessing for their lives.
May 27th was Baby Owen's special day.
While I was snuggling Owen, the little sister in my belly was NOT happy.
If his  body was touching my belly she would kick at him.
 Jealous much?
The Misiego boys were all able to be together.
I absolutely love watching them interact with each other.
Pretty much, I lost my husband to his brothers all weekend but I count my blessings that the ties with his family are so strong.  Can't complain.

I was lucky enough to be the HUGEST bridesmaid ever seen at Jeanette's wedding.
It was a beautiful couple of days and let me tell you what.
Perhaps the best part of the weekend was reuniting and spending countless hours with this girl:
I look horrific...go with it.  It was the end of a really long week.
Shayla and I lived together in college both in Provo as well as performing together in Jackson.
She's living in New York and starting rehearsals playing Dolly Parton in 9 to 5 starting tomorrow!
It had been waaaaaay too long since we had long periods of time to act like idiots together but that was remedied by Janet's wedding weekend.
Oh so grainy but I love these girls so much.
Fifi, Dani, Nini, ShiShi, Prego, and Stac.
After this picture was taken, Shayla said "wow, even the pregnant looks good in this one."
She's so nice to me.
Bridal Shower for Jeanette at Dear Lizzie.
Ginger Ale, cupcakes, ridiculous hair pieces, and dear friends.
 I'm so glad that we were able to capture so many glorious pictures of me this week.
How did I escape the weekend without a picture with the bride?
I have no idea.
I know there are many that were taken by the photographer so I guess we'll just have to wait until those are finished.

Baby girl and I were BEYOND spoiled at her baby showers.
I could not believe the gorgeous clothes, gift cards, baby essentials, diapers, handmade items, and the list could go on and on.

Had to include this lovely.
Cousin Erin had her sweet baby Sawyer on June 3rd.
So fun to be pregnant together ;)

Again, I was thrilled to have Shayla by my side during the shower.
She bought baby girl the most incredible swimsuit with matching swim cap.
To die for.

 I had to include this one because it actually shows my lovely aunties in the background who threw the blessed shower!  
It also includes some of my dearest friends who made the trek and provided some of the cutest clothes known to man for the baby girl to play dress-ups in.
It also doesn't hurt that this darling giraffe was given to me by my mom, baby girl's Nana.
She will be so cuddly and comfy on that little giraffe mat!
Laurel, Lyric, Amberly, Janalee, Marcie, Karen, and Diane
 This picture is of a blanket that my Great Grandma made before she passed away.
I cried like a baby when I opened this one.
Just remembering her nearly crippled hands whiz through crocheting projects the way they did makes me tear up.
Thank you Grandma Hobdey.
Baby Girl and I will always cherish this gift that has been sitting around waiting for her arrival for years and years.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of this one because I left the picture CD in Utah by accident.
Nonetheless, it was so fun to sit around with the women who essentially helped in raising me.
I was reminded of how blessed I was to grow up in the neighborhood I grew up in surrounded by salt water taffy, raspberry bushes, and nightgames.

The women from the ward pitched in and helped us to buy our nursery furniture.
We definitely couldn't have done it without their help.
Our creative nursery reveal coming soon :)
(I say creative for a reason...wait for it.)

Much love to all those who I was able to spend time with on the trip home.
Going back to Utah is such a sweet experience every time.
I'm so grateful for the people who were so deeply apart of our lives during our years there but how grateful I am for a loving husband who makes it bearable to leave that place of familiarity and come back to the Land of Enchantment.

Life is good and baby is due in two weeks.
Where did THAT time go?


  1. What a wonderful trip! Baby showers are the most humbling events where you really see who loves you and how much. It's amazing. Glad you were overwhelmed with lots and lots of love! Can't wait to see your little nursery!

  2. Really glad you were able to make it up for the wedding. Meant so much that you were there. Glad you had a as good a time at the wedding as I did.

  3. It was so fun to see you. So happy that everything is going so well for you.You are so darling, God bless you with a beautiful,healthy little princess, a safe delivery and endless years of blissful happiness. Love You.

  4. You guys must’ve had so much fun attending all those fun events one after another. I’ll also be attending two weddings next month and I’m excited for it. The first one is my friend’s wedding that has been organized in their family ranch, while the other one is my distant cousin’s wedding which will be at one of the New York venues.