Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Girls Camp 2012

Sometimes you do potentially stupid/dangerous things.
That would be Girls Camp 2012....at 8 1/2 months pregnant.
Luckily I have the BEST friend in the world named Crystal who took on the responsibility to physically be at Girls Camp for the whole week and I just came and went bringing up the meals, activities, etc and only sleeping on the hard ground for one night.

Since our little branch doesn't have a ton of people and most people are holding more than one calling already, Crystal and I had no choice but to step in as Girls Camp directors since we are apart of the YW Presidency.
The past 2 months of planning have been insane but oh so worth it.

It felt as though everyone was just a little on edge waiting for me to suddenly go into labor 3 hours from home and the hospital but girlfriend decided to be nice and stay nice and cozy inside my belly.
Thank Heavens.

My love for the girls of our branch has grown even more than I knew possible because of this experience.
They were so helpful and kind to each other and were especially solicitous of Crystal and myself.
Love 'em.   Love 'em.  Love 'em.
Camp Flag
Alvarado Park Branch Young Women.
They are super cute, right?
Amazing spray painted t-shirt idea from my friend Lexy from The Proper Pinwheel
Diana, Cynthia, & Giselly
Oh-so-awesome Crystal and oh-so-pregnant Me.
Capture the Flag with tube socks filled with flour.
We never quite recovered from that mess.
And then there was the time I asked Diana to open the mayonnaise and it exploded in her face.
Precious girls at flag ceremony.
L-R Valery, Diana, Giselly, Cynthia, Crystal
Sporting the bleached t-shirts they made before camp.
Our value was Naturaleza Divina (Divine Nature) and our color was blue...can you tell?
The 4th year girls spent THREE days backpacking before meeting up with us.
Anayeli (left) was baptized only two days before leaving for the backpacking trip and Duby (right) was super influential in helping her friend to come into the Church!
We were so happy to have them back with us!
Adorable Jasmin.  No one should be that naturally gorgeous.
Pedicures in the mountains!
L-R: Cecely, me, Jasmin, Duby, Anayeli, Giselly, Cynthia, and Valery

Did you know that there were mountains and so many pine trees in New Mexico?
I did not.
I was very happy to make that discovery though! 
This year marks 100 years of Girls Camp!
My friend Holly designed and made this unbelievable birthday cake for our birthday bash on Thursday night.
And then we tried to go home.
That was remedied by blowing out a tire, losing the tarp covering our belongings over and over again, and sitting dead still in construction traffic.
It's a good thing we found a Sonic along the way!

Good thing Crystal is Super Woman.
 What an incredible experience it turned out to be!
What an amazing way to kick-start the summer.
We can't wait til next year!

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