Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A 12 week birthday

Happy 12 week birthday little lady!
I thought all day about that fabulous day 12 weeks ago when we met for the first time.
Today I went into the bedroom where I thought you were sleeping and I found you and your sea horse, that we call your amigita, wide awake and grinning ear to ear.
We have become the best best best of friends.
Papi's jealous.
Not really.
It just means that he has TWO girls to love him.
And love him we do.
In fact, you have a huge crush on him.
You flutter your eyelashes at him like nobody's business
You laugh at everything he says.
You swoon when he sings to you.
Reminds me of....well, me.
Yep.  True love all around.
You watch Ellen like a grown up.  Sitting up and everything ;)
You are already very particular about certain things.
Your favorite song is "Hang On Little Tomato" by Pink Martini.  
(Although you are quite happy with absolutely anything that your Papi sings to you)
"Hang On Little Tomato" brings an instant smile to your face.
Whenever you cry, I start singing it to you and you're always calmed down by the second line.

The only other kind of music you will listen to without any fuss is latin music.
You love it all.
A while back you decided that it would be cool to cry endlessly every night while Mama makes Papi dinner.
That lasted for several nights and Mama had no idea what to do.
Finally, it hit me.
You are the Zumba baby, after all.
So, every evening while Mama makes dinner, you watch the Zumba DVD.
You dance like crazy and coo along with the music.
You will watch the whole DVD (one full hour) without a single fuss.

You prefer the Pandora station called 
Spanish Harlem Orchestra.
You dance like it's your job.
 (Celine dancing video coming soon...it's amazing)
You like to do the news with Papi.
When we get in the car we have to listen to Diego Torres because he is our favorite.
I think you might think it is your Papi's voice, but that's ok.
We listen to #9, #10, and #13 over and over and over again.

We got to spend the day at the cabin with Lecia , Joyce, Grandpa Al, Susan, and Nana at which time you had your first 4-wheeler ride.  You looooved it!  
Your favorite food is still breast milk...on account that you've never tried anything else except for the bathwater.
You are always trying to sneak swigs of it.
Silly girl.
Just wait til you try Dr. Pepper.
That delicious bathwater will be old news.
You like to write love notes to your Papi.  You're getting pretty handy with a crayon.
You prefer to sleep with a sleeping mask on.
If you are wearing a headband when I put you in your carseat, you turn your head back and forth until your headband is over your eyes and within seconds, you are asleep.
You won't take a bottle,
you won't take a paci,
but the sleeping mask works like a charm.


We like to have pajama parties every night.
We usually snuggle on the couch, read loads and loads of books, and watch Papi on the news.
I look forward to it every day.

You are growing like a weed, little one and while it breaks my heart, it brings me the greatest joy in the world.
You are the sweetest miracle I've ever witnessed.
Thanks for being my friend and making me feel so important.
Love, Mama


  1. She's so precious Annie! Love these little pictures. Lexie was the same way about her head bows- it's awesome. ;) LIttle girls are just the best dollies to dress up.

  2. Adorable! You are the sweetiest mommy ever!