Monday, September 17, 2012

A Little Shop

I did it.
I crossed something off of my bucket list.
I opened an Etsy shop.

You see, becoming a Mom has opened my eyes to two of the necessities of life.
Maxi skirts for babies


Nursing covers that ACTUALLY CONCEAL the goods front and back.

So, I started making maxi skirts for some new babes (mine at the top of the list) and made a nursing cover that would make me feel comfortable nursing absolutely anywhere and 
 was born.

So, take a look around and don't bother nursing in public without one of these all concealing shawls.
Find the shop HERE

 Thanks to my gorgeous models Celine and Angelica!
The Lady


  1. Thank you, that is seriously such a need!! I hate having to pull my shirt down even with a blanket or cover in the front! And seriously her little mini-maxi skirt is completely adorable!! I wish Cameron was a girl (not really, but I don't think a skirt will work for him :( ) so I could order one!