Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dear Baby: It's your 4 month birthday

Dear little one,
You are FOUR MONTHS OLD today!
I can't believe that this is true.
What happened to that time?
I'll tell you what happened to it!
It has been filled with lots of 
story times,
late-night chats,
and all kinds of new discoveries.

I must be the luckiest girl in the world to get to witness it all!
You are becoming a very good reacher.
You reach for everything.
You like to comb through Mommy's hair with your fingers.
You like to grab at everything and put it in your mouth.
You still won't take a pacifier so you chew on your fist instead.
You dance every single morning.
Your favorite songs are still "Hang on Little Tomato" and "Bomba" by King Africa.
"Bomba" is your favorite dancing song.
You are a wild, wild dancer and you've recently decided to sing too.
You make the most hilarious vocal fry noises and like to be apart of every conversation.
You like to contribute lots of wisdom and loads of pretty notes.
You still smile at me almost non-stop.
You don't really cry anymore and that is lovely.
I love to hear you growling to yourself in the morning when you wake up.
You still love your Amigita seahorse that puts you to sleep.
As soon as I lay you down in your crib you reach for her and touch her until her music starts and her belly lights up.
You are really into finger puppets.
You especially like chewing on the frog prince finger puppet.
Good choice.
You are still totally cool about your carseat, stroller, play mat, johnny jumper, pretty much everything.
You are quite content with absolutely everything and you constantly put on gummy grin shows for everyone who gets their hands on you.
You still bat your eyelashes at your Papi and pretty much think he is the greatest thing in the world.
I am pretty sure that the feeling is mutual.
Actually, I know the feeling is mutual.
Last night you slept for nine hours straight.
That has never happened.
I sort of thought you were dead.
But you weren't, you were just deciding to become the sleeper of America.
Seriously, you are amazing.
Tonight we had a Halloween party at church and you dressed up as a pumpkin.
Actually, you just wore a pumpkin hat and a super cute polka dot dress.
You were the most chic pumpkin for miles around.
After the party we went to visit Papi at work and show him and our work friends how cute you looked.
Don't worry, everyone ooh'd and ahh'd over you.
You smiled and blew bubbles just like a true performer.
Papi was so happy to see you.
He misses you while he's at work.
I'm not sure how much you weight but you are becoming quite the little porker.
You have the most divine rolls on your legs
and quite the little Buddha belly to go along with it.
Let's not forget about the double chin and super chewy cheeks.
Basically, I think you're perfect and I love spending my day giving you thousands of kisses, reading lots of books, singing "Hang on Little Tomato" 100 times a day, and being your Mommy.

Thanks for choosing me.
I love you little nuggy-nug.

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