Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Two years as the Mister and Lady

Today is our anniversary.
Two whole years.
Feels like two minutes
but at the same time it feels like two lifetimes.
Time is strange like that.
I have learned more about myself in the last two years than probably the rest of my years combined.
I have the Mister to thank for that.
He has had his work cut out for him but he has managed to help shape me into something greater than I could have become on my own.

Let me give you some examples.

If you knew me in the growing up years, I could play the diva card pretty well.
I tried to refrain but sometimes it just happened.
The Mister made it known VERY early on that playing the diva card was unacceptable.
He would laugh at me when I did.
His laughter would make me more mad.
I don't play the diva card anymore.
Another example?
We don't fight.
All because the Mister won't do it.
Once again, he laughs.
It really ticked me off at first but his laughter always makes me laugh.
And then it's all over.
Sometimes (all the time) he leaves crumbs on the coffee table.
That, ladies and gentlemen, is as annoying as he gets.
Even though the Mister and I dated for a year before getting married, 
he may as well have been a total stranger.
I thought I loved him then?
That was nothing.
I now love him in ways that I never even knew I was capable of.
Moving away from everyone and everything we knew created an unbelievable bond between us.
I have, over the past year in the ABQ, become completely obsessed with him.
I love everything he does (except for the crumb thing...).
I think he's ultra hilarious.
I have never witnessed a man be so loving towards an infant as he is towards Celine.
I have become more aware of his incredible sensitivity.
He would do absolutely anything I asked him
and he'd be happy about it.
(Mind you, he might forget what I asked him to do, but as long as it's on his google calendar he'd get it done.)
The man can literally speak peace to my soul unlike anyone ever.
love talking to him.
We could talk about absolutely nothing for hours and I'd love it all the same.
So, pretty much, he's my perfect match.
I am so blessed to have found him.
I am seriously ecstatic about the adventures that are sure to follow with that guy.
Maybe it sounds like our marriage is perfect.
One thing is for sure...
it's just as perfect as we decide it will be.
And we've decided on perfection.

Love you Mister.

 *all pictures are from year two of marriage...except the first one...obviously.


  1. What a tribute . . . to both of you! I love how you call him Mister :-), and I think every new couple should move far, far away from their parents and other involved people for at least the first year. Initial bonding as a couple is so important in my mind, and a luxurious "trial" many don't get! Love you, diva!

  2. "Maybe it sounds like our marriage is perfect. One thing is for sure...it's just as perfect as we decide it will be. And we've decided on perfection." The best quote of the post. I feel like whenever I read your posts, I'm reading a perfectly edited paper about your life- it's a compliment on your writing skills- so great work!
    Back to business... I completly agree with you! Marriage is/can be hard, having kids is/can be hard- but it's all in your attitude. You are a light among women Annie! Continue to shine your incredible attitude and zest for life forth. Love ya girlfriend!!