Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Thanksgiving Plea

A few minutes ago I sat down on the couch before turning in for the night.
I sat on the couch that doesn't have anything in front of it...
not a table,
not a foot rest,

I sat on this particular couch because I needed a minute to sit and look around and count my blessings.
I have many.

Almost 9 months ago, the Mister did a feature series for the news where he lived as a homeless man in Albuquerque for 24 hours.
The wonderful organization that fed him the two meals he got during that 24 hour period gained a special place in my heart as they treated him as a normal human being with basic needs and someone to talk to. (Note: they were completely unaware of who he was and thought he was just another homeless man.  They were also unaware of the hidden cameras recording his experience and they still treated him with so much kindness.)

This beautiful organization, Joy Junction, is in desperate need of help.

Donations are down this year and Joy Junction is expecting 2,000 homeless adults, seniors, children, and infants for their Thanksgiving dinner on the 22nd.

With where they are now, the estimated amount of people will not be able to eat a Thanksgiving meal.
They will have to turn away hundreds.
This makes me cry.
I have never even wondered if I would get a Thanksgiving dinner or not.
I don't want anyone to have to wonder that.

$1.89 is all it costs for one full Thanksgiving meal.
If you have an extra $1.89 will you please go 
to their website and donate it to Joy Junction?

The people the Mister became friends with during his news story were not as lucky as he to finish up his 24 hours and then to come home to a warm apartment with a soft bed and food in the refrigerator.  
All of them are still out on the streets.

I know that they will be so grateful to have a hot meal in celebration of Thanksgiving.

Please, if you have ANY extra this week, please give it to someone in need.
Love, the Lady

If you are interested, here is the series of Javi's 24 hours as a homeless man.

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